M7 Re-emphasizes Need For Integration

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has re-emphasized the need for countries in East Africa to achieve total integration in-order to develop, bring prosperity and modernize the region.


“You can not talk about a modern society without a big market. If you don’t work toward a big market, you are an enemy of your people.That is why we revived the East African Community and that is why we are now talking of integration,” he said.

The President made these remarks on Saturday while delivering a lecture on Integration to a delegation of students from Kenya National Defense College who paid a courtesy call on him at State House Nakasero.

The 13 students, led by Lieutenant General Jackson Waweru, are on a study tour in the country and comprise military, police and civilian officers drawn from the countries of Burundi,Nigeria,South Sudan,Tanzania and Kenya.They were accompanied by the Kenyan High Commissioner to Uganda, Retired Major General Geoffrey Okanga.

President Museveni explained with illustration that in a modern society there are 2 kings that include the consumers and the entrepreneurs who are linked and assisted by infrastructure.

“Bearing this in mind,we have to support integration. A bigger market will be created and we shall have a powerful block that will have the bargaining strength to trade competitively with other countries and ensure our regional security,” he pointed out.

The President told the attentive students that the process of integration for the people of East Africa is simplified by the similar or linked dialects.He clarified that the traditional dialects can be promoted in their areas because of their rich vocabulary that can be used to enrich the Kiswahili language which is neutral in the region.

Moving a vote of thanks, the leader of the delegation, Lieutenant General Jackson Waweru commended President Museveni for his enlightening lecture-on the need for integration of East Africa.He added that they were impressed by activities carried out at the institutions and organisations they visited in Uganda since they arrived in the country one week ago.Lieutenant General Waweru later, on behalf of the delegation, wished President Museveni and his family as well as all the people of Uganda a merry chrismas and a happy prosperous new year.

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3 thoughts on “M7 Re-emphasizes Need For Integration

  1. A big market with poor people is a non-starter. China and wouldn’t need to export anything because they have half of the world’s population. But because their people are so poor, they look for Kyeyo in Uganda. And we poor souls of the Museveni ilk call them investors.

    Museveni must know that politics precedes economics. Unless you have a stable environment where everyone including Museveni is below the law, there won’t be any serious business to be conducted in such a place. That’s why Museveni’s so-called investors are crooks.

  2. we can not talk of integration when there is no dicipline in the forces, First dicipline and respect for humanity, then integration is archived smoothly.

  3. Integration of East African Countries is a dream in as long as Museveni talks about it Look at the Photo Museveni dressed in a unique way as other People honor themselves and with full respect depicts harmony minus Museveni.

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