M7 To Table Anti-gay Bill Before NRM Caucus

M7..President Yoweri Museveni has reiterated his position on the anti-gay bill, of first studying the bill, present it to the NRM caucus to map out the way forward.

“I like thinking before acting. It is not a simple matter to rush into. If the MPs’ bring the bill to me I will first analyze it, take it to the NRM caucus and see how to handle it,” he told the congregation.

The President, who was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Janet Museveni, was yesterday the Chief Guest at the wedding of Mr. Sam Byamukama and Agnes Akankwasa at Kamuronko Church of Uganda in Ndwora East Constituency-Kabale district.

The newlywed couple exchanged their matrimonial vows before retired Bishop of North Kivu Diocese in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), The Rt. Reverend Enock Kayeeye and the Bishop of Kigezi Diocese The Right Reverend George Katwesigye.

Mr. Museveni praised Agnes Akankwasa, his aide at State House, for being disciplined and hardworking and advised the couple to always put God first in everything they do.

The President commended the Bakiga for being hard working especially in growing plenty of tea, apples and Irish-potatoes among others that earn them good income.

Mr. Museveni, later, donated Ug. Shs.20 million towards the renovation of Kamuronko Church of Uganda.

The retired Bishop Enock Kayeeye, lauded President Museveni for being a peace maker not only in Uganda but also in the Great Lakes Region.

“With President Museveni, Uganda is definitely going to the right direction,” he noted. He advised the newlywed couple Sam and Agnes to always be faithful and loving to each other and remain role models.

4 thoughts on “M7 To Table Anti-gay Bill Before NRM Caucus

  1. The NRM caucus has become Museveni’s parliament within a parliament where his personal wishes are endorsed without any problem.

    1. NRM caucus a place reknown for no good ideas.

      All they do is get instructions from ‘above’ roboticaly without questions asked. Any dares ask questions they are bashed into line or become ‘rebel MPs’

  2. With your caucus on this bill,we already know the answer-would be shocked if it isn’t flashed down the the drainage.

  3. The NRM Caucus is Museveni’s Parliament to have room for his dreams and empty ideas come out to irritate Ugandans.This Time the Anti-Gay BILL Shall cause chaos in Uganda because enough is enough with Museveni supporting things which does not help Uganda to develop and shine out in the World as a Country which is independent and obliged to pass things in motion which are sound and correct to be respected by the whole world.

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