Man Found Dead At City Square

The deceased's body on a police pick up before being taken to Mulago Hospital.
The deceased’s body on a police pick up before being taken to Mulago Hospital.

A man believed to be a taxi operator has this morning been found dead at the Constitutional square, in the centre of the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

The deceased, whose particulars are yet to be established is said to be a taxi operator at the Kamwokya stage near the new Church of Uganda building.

Eye witnesses who found his lifeless body with a slit throat believe he could have been murdered last night.

The police did not divulge details on the matter. The deceased’s body has been taken to Mulago Hospital.

This sad incident will come as a surprise to many who consider the constitutional square a secure place because of the presence of police officers in addition to being a few  meters from the Central Police Station.




4 thoughts on “Man Found Dead At City Square

    1. I think some of you are charged beyond the normal. How does the ED, KCCA and her Supervisors come into a tax operator being killed at night? Fellow Ugandans, why cant we for once be objective?

  1. This Police van should stop carrying dead People like this, if the government can afford an ipad how about a van to carry dead bodies. 2. People are being murdered as the Police is sitting and gasing around Besigye Lukwagos homes. What a governement, grew up killing People human suffering does not bother them at all

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