Police Recover 5 Bodies In City

Police in Kampala are still investigating circumstances under which at least four people were found killed in the centre of the city.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Ibn Senkumbi
Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Ibn Senkumbi

For some time police had ignored street level crime in preference to tackling public demonstrations led by former FDC party leader Dr. Kizza Besigye and Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago.

Three of the people were assaulted while a one-month old baby seems to have been strangled by the mother before it was thrown into Nakivubo channel.

Innocent Tumusiime, a 25 year old salesman on Market Street, was found kiled and his body lying in usually guarded Constitution Square. Tumusiime, a resident of Masajja in Makindye Division, was hit on the head with a huge concrete boulder that was carried to a safe distance from the body after the incident.

Tumusiime was smartly dressed and police managed to recover four sim cards from his stockings but attempts to inform his relatives are still unsuccessful.

Another body of a man believed to be around 24 years was recovered from an Umeme Transformer cage on Dewinton Road with a fresh open wound on the head.

Police found no signs of struggle presupposing that the victim was carried to scene after he was killed. The body had tobacco leaves, cigarettes, and rolls of opium in the pockets.

He also had a bottle of alcohol, leading police to suspect that the victim was a drug abuser but no identification was found on him.

Another body was recovered along Nkrumah Road in Kampala on the same day but its details and cause of death are yet to be established.

These bodies come just days after police was called to a scene from where they recovered a body of a one month old baby  was found dumped in the Nakivubo channel near Nakivubo road.

This body was later transferred to Ben Kiwanuka Street by an unknown person from where police recovered it and took to the city mortuary.

Police suspect the baby could have been strangled and dumped by the mother at the scene where it was later found.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Ibn Senkumbi, described the incidents as isolated, which they had taken note of and launched operations in all divisions to counter the same.

He said in some of these murders there are indications pointing to deals gone wrong.

All the bodies were delivered to the city mortuary as investigations in the murders continue.

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  1. Afande Musana says Police is tracking a one Mujulizi for more that 37 murders in Masaka and Rakai, but he also indicates Mujulizi has ever been arrested before but all the times he BRIBES HIS WAY OUT OF CUSTODY!! So, what are you trying to tell us Mr Ibni Senkumbi, that this time if arrested Mujulizi will not bribe your Police?? Tells us another story bwana, Police is a SHAME TO UGANDANS!!

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