Police To Arrest Drunk Passengers

Andrew Kaweesi
Andrew Kaweesi

Police has directed traffic police to stop and inspect commuter taxi heading up-country and if they find either the driver or any of the passengers are drunk and stop them from proceeding on their journey.

The announcement was made this weeend by Assistant Inspector General of Police, Andrew Felix Kaweesa during a media briefing at Central Police Station – in Kampala.

Kaweesi, the Director Kampala Metropolitan Police, made the directive to the traffic department following a Boxing Day accident that claimed the lives of seven people and injured another seven.

The group, all drunk, were travelling in a taxi from Busabala beach back to Mukono when their car was involved in a head-on collision at Kigunga with an on-coming trailer loaded with wheat and heading to Maganjo.

Kaweesi said that like bus inspection that has helped to check on over speeding buses, the traffic police would move in to prevail on the travelling public who are risking their lives with not only drunken drivers but even drunken passengers.

According to him either of the two would cause an accident, which makes it better to stop a vehicle from proceeding on its journey.

Kaweesi said the driver of the taxi swerved from his side to the right and they had a head-on collision.

The accident was a rude wake up to the traffic police who had enjoyed a relatively accident free Christmas season.

Kaweesi said they were going to change their operations and traffic control.

The occupants of the taxi were allegedly singing at the top of their voices when the accident occurred.taxi-Kampala

2 thoughts on “Police To Arrest Drunk Passengers

  1. Monsieur Kaweesi even in Saudi Arabia and Iran when people are happy rather drunk they sing . I can’t imagine a taxi or bus with sober people as though our beloved has run short of malt. Do u know what will happen if just for a one minute the whole of Uganda stopped buying alcohol . People would lose their jobs , URA won’t meet it’s revenue targets. Drivers should be the only people to be strictly as there are the ones holding lives of VIPS or INVESTORS supporting our economy

  2. People take taxis because they are not able to reach home on foot or in the state they are in so now comes the most stupid act of the ugandan police like that of the mini skirt to arrest a drunk communitor, i think we are really bewitched and whatever the police is Smoking since 2011 is really hard stuff

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