Total Applies For Oil Production License

The French Oil company, Total E&P has applied for a production license for the Ngiri Field discovery in Buliisa District.

An Oil Rig in western Uganda
An Oil Rig in western Uganda

Ngiri Field is found is located in the Northeastern tip of Lake Albert in Exploration area I.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Ahlem Friga-Noy, the Total E&P Uganda Corporate Affairs Manager said that they submitted their Field Development Plans and Applied for Production License on December 13th 2013

“This is an important milestone not only for Total E&P Uganda, but also for its joint venture partners CNOOC and Tullow because the FDP approval will lead to the next stage in the oil and gas cycle, the development stage and ultimately to production,” read the statement. With the latest application by Total, this means all the three partners have applied for a production licenses.

Only CNOOC has received a production license for the Kingfisher Discovery. Total now joins Tullow Uganda on the waiting list for government approval, and later granting of a production license.

A Field Development Plan details how a company will drill the oil, how they will get it out of the ground, including the pipelines and how much it will be taking out of the ground per day.

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