Tumwebaze Censure: 14 Signatures Collected

No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.
No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

The move by Ugandan lawmakers to censure the Minister in charge of Kampala city Frank Tumwebaze is increasingly gaining momentum as a total of 14 MPs are said to have put pen to paper to get rid of Tumwebaze.

Constitutionally, 125 signatures are required to censure an MP.

Last week, the Clerk to the Ugandan National Assembly, Jane Kibirige approved the move by Members of Parliament to push for the censure of Mr. Tumwebaze. The clerk prepared the List for those interested to sign in support of the censure motion.

In her letter to Members of Parliament dated December 5, 2013, Kibirige notes that on 2nd December she received a notice in writing from the pro-censure MPs.

Tumwebaze’s troubles stem from his actions last month when he chaired a controversial Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) meeting that saw Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago impeached.

The High Court however quashed the decision by KCCA councilors to impeach the mayor declaring it null and void.

Lawmakers accuse Tumwebaze of undermining the constitution during the whole process and want him kicked out of parliament.

Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga last week noted that the Minister has to be punished so that others learn from him saying that he abrogated Article 118 of the Constitution which provides for respect of the Oath of office.

9 thoughts on “Tumwebaze Censure: 14 Signatures Collected

  1. yes, good move, if we have no respect for the constitution, then who are we? even a mother has rules that children refer to then who is Tumwebaze to handle the constitution like that. I have been wondering how on earth can people vote at night?lock councilors in a room that are collected at wired hours of the monring and soon results given out. ????

    1. this is another way of bullying government into bribing them. they know
      pretty well that after such threats government bribes NRM mps then this
      loot is shared with opposition mps who begin it all.

  2. That is intimidation, more like mob justice, driven by unwarranted vendetta and cheap politics. But they won’t go far.

  3. Go guys ans sign. We need people to respect the constitution and the rule of law. Tumwebaze’s actions are suspect and in bad faith. Emotions and personal vendetta will not solve Kampala’s problems. Respect the will of the people.

  4. hahahhaha the opposition of Uganda will not cease to amuse us, now this is another wastage of time, it reminds me of an impeachment motion by Ken Lukyamuzi.

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