UN Issues Final Warning To DRC Armed Groups To Surrender

The Mai-Mai is one of the over 45 rebel groups in eastern DRC.
The Mai-Mai is one of the over 45 rebel groups in eastern DRC.

The UN Peace Keeping Force –MONUSCO in the Democratic Republic of Congo has given a final warning to armed groups in Ituri region to surrender or risk being hunted down. Mateo Ladjouzi, the head of MONUSCO in Ituri province issued the final warning on Monday.

According to Ladjouzi various armed groups like Mai Mai militias, Force de résistance patriotique of the Ituri (FRPI) led by Cobra Matata, the liberation of the Congolese people (FLPC) and the ADF-Nalu are still active in the province. He says the armed groups have a last chance to lay down voluntarily lay down their weapons before any action is taken against them.

Ladjouzi, who doesn’t specify the time given to the groups to disarm, says once they fail to comply, the Congolese government forces and Monusco will have no option but to confront them. A joint Operation conducted by the United Nations intervention Brigade and the Congolese National Army (FARDC) Resulted into the defeat of the M23 rebels who had occupied the areas near the Uganda –Congo Border for over a year.

The defeated 23 rebels and some of their top commander fled into Uganda in November this year. The commanders of the armed groups have not yet commented as our reporter couldn’t establish contact with any of the group leaders.

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