2014 Most Influential Ugandans in the Diaspora

Mutenza with London Mayor at networking night


Every nation produces such people whose main drive in life is to be of service to others.  Even though it appears that they are only thriving to be successful, there is in them another force that spurs them on, the fire to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Mutenza with London Mayor at networking night
Mutenza with London Mayor at networking night

None of us can just live for ourselves, to sustain our life only.  Of course, many do exactly that, but there will come a time, when we will feel so empty in our hearts, questioning everything we do. And the reason will be easy to find. A feeling of emptiness is inevitable if we do not share the fruits of our labour with others.  An immense dissatisfaction will engulf us if we do not see our work change others’ lives for the better.

None of us live in a vacuum. We have not been born to express selfishness but to contribute to the wellbeing and the positive evolution of our fellow travellers.

And here are a few of those people whose lives are lived to make such a contribution to others. May we all be inspired by them, and if need be, make some adjustments in our own lives, so that we too leave a transformative legacy. To be of service to others is the most satisfying activity anyone can engage in.


Mr Robin Odong, Proprietor and managing Director of the Independent Hospital and Delta Nursing Agency
Country: UK

Based in the UK runs a successful business spread in London, Uganda, New York and Miami.

Robin is the founder of Delta Nurses 24Hrs Ltd, a leading medical recruitment agency for nursing staff, with over 20 years’ experience. We specialise in the supply of Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Allied Healthcare Professionals for placements in a diverse range of public and private healthcare organisations nationwide.

He is also the proprietor of Kampala and Gulu Independent Hospital and Gulu Independent Hospital (GIH) which is part of a multinational firm that specialises in healthcare management with operation outfits in London, New York and Miami Florida, USA.



Yusuf Almij, Proprietor and Managing Director of Salabed International Money Transfer
Country: UK

Salabed Cargo and Money transfer is the one of the successful Ugandan ownedbusinesses in the Diaspora, UK-based fast, secure and reliable international money transfer company with over 20 years in the business to Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Rwanda.


James Mutumba, Managing Director and Owner of Highland Estates
Country: UK

Highland Estatesis a successful real estate agency based in London. Established in 1997, Highland Estates started out as Highland Lettings. We went limited in 2001, and haven’t looked back since. We’ve changed our original name to reflect our increasing variety, but we’ve kept the integrity, unique one to one service, and trusted relationships.




Diaspora leaders

Willy Mutenza, Md, Promota and Chairman-Uganda-UK Convention
Country: UK

An award winning community leader, Willy is one of the most influential Ugandans in the Diaspora and always keen to give a supporting hand to fellow Ugandans in the Diaspora. Publisher of the Promota magazine, and initiated and championed the annual Uganda UK Convention, a Trade and Investment event which has been highly successful, and continues to grow from strength to strength every year.


Willy runs a design and print agency and a marketing and consultancy agency.





Charitable Ambassadors

Derreck Kayongo

Founder at The Global Soap Project
Country: US

Kayongo’s Global Soap Recycling enterprise has recently expanded to Hong Kong. A franchisee operation has opened a factory to reprocess soap called the Soap Cycling. Today the Global Soap Project’s distribution operation is active in 32 countries and has given away more than two million bars of soap to refugees, including people affected by humanitarian disasters like the 2010 Haitian Earth quake that left over 100,000 people dead.



Captain LukhiyaMulumba

Founder of the Uganda-American Sickle-Cell Rescue Fund

Lukiah is an active member the US Air Forces whose contribution and role in helping create awareness of the Sickle Cell disease in Uganda while actively serving in the US Air force.


Global leader

John Sentamu – Archbishop of York
Country: UK


John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu is the 97th Archbishop of York, Metropolitan of the province of York and Primate of England. The position of Archbishop of York is the second most senior clerical position in the Church of England after that of Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England.


Winnie Byanyima

Executive Director Oxfam International and campaigner for women’s rights

Country: UK

Winnie Byanyima is Executive Director of Oxfam International. She is a leader on women’s rights, democratic governance and peace building. She served eleven years in the Ugandan Parliament, and has served at the African Union Commission and as Director of Gender and Development at the United Nations Development Program. She co-founded the 60-member Global Gender and Climate Alliance and chaired a UN task force on gender aspects of the Millennium Development Goals, and on climate change.



Media personality

Dr.Shaka Ssali
the Managing Editor of Voice of America’s [VOA] English to Africa Service and the host of Straight Talk

Country: USA

Shaka, a Ugandan-born American journalist, holds a doctorate in cross-cultural communication and history from UCLA in California.

Foundation Fellow and has received numerous honors, including a United Nations Peacekeeping Special Achievement Award in International Journalism. Other awards include VOA’s Best Journalist Award and Kigezi College Butobere’s first ever Highest Achievement Award in International Human Communication. Butobere is located in Kabale, southwestern Uganda, and is Shaka’s alma mater.




Senior Vice President, production, Walt Disney Studios.

Country: USA

Nagenda was instrumental in ushering Saving Mr. Banks through production, including bringing the script to the studio. The movie ended up being Disney’s first live-action awards contender in many years.He is currently working on Disney’s live-action remake of Cinderella, which is being directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Lily James, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter. The fantasy film will be in theatres on March 13, 2015.

Among the other projects he is shepherding are A Wrinkle in Time, an adaptation of the Madeleine L’Engle children’s classic being written by Frozen’s Jennifer Lee, as well as Beauty and the Beast, which has director Bill Condon attached.

Prior to working at Disney, he served as VP, production, at Mandate Pictures, where he worked on such films as 50/50 and Drag Me to Hell. Nagenda also held positions at Brad Pitt’s Plan B and Warner Independent.





Nancy Nwadire

Country: Nigeria

Founder of Iconic Invanity

Award-winning fashion brand, Iconic Invanity, known for its eclectic designs and luxury garments has quickly made waves in the  local and international fashion industry. Founded by Nancy Nwadire, the fashion label won the award for Best Brand at the Mediterranean Design and Fashion Week, Italy in 2013 and has expanded rapidly in a few short years.


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