10 Laboratories Closed For Operating Below Standards

At least 10 laboratories have been closed and 7 quack lab attendants arrested in Masaka district for lacking minimum operating requirements.


This is the outcome of an operation conducted by the Allied Health Professionals Council in the divisions of Kimaanya-Kyabakuza, Katwe-Butego and Nyendo-Ssenyange.

Some of the closed laboratories include Safe Care in Masaka town, Medi Trust in Kyabakuza  Dojumas Kijabwemi, St Kizito and Lukundo laboratory among others.

Annet Brenda Mushabe, a quality assurance officer with the Allied Health Professionals Council says the team inspected 30 laboratories both government and private owned and established that majority were below standards.

A good number were operating in very small rooms formerly used as toilets while others operated in dark dirty corridors without running water.

Others lacked right laboratory equipment while others had monocular microscopes used in training schools for experiment instead of professional binocular microscopes.

The team also established that the units lacked qualified laboratory assistants and most of them were operated by nursing assistants

She says the status quo for the closed units will remain until owners put in place measure to meet the required standards.

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  1. Go to Nebbi also,we have fake Doctors and Nurses with clinics/health centers operating in the area,Go to angal trading center and other areas in Nebbi

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