Angry Mob Grabs Suspect from Police, Lynch Him

An angry mob in Kaberamaido district have grabbed a murder suspect from Anyara police post and lynched him.

Michael Ochen met his death in the wee hours of Monday morning as he was being moved to the police cell.

Michael Okello Oita, the LC 3 chairperson Anyara sub county explains that Ochen was picked up in connection to the death of George William Eyolu.

Ochen allegedly stabbed his victim in the lower abdomen on January 10 during a brawl at a local drinking joint and fled into hiding.

Okello says that Eyolu was declared dead at Soroti regional referral hospital where he was rushed in critical condition.

As a result, police launched a manhunt for Ochen leading to his arrest from Agora village in Akeriau Sub County in Amuria district.

He was immediately transferred back to Anyara police for prosecution.

Okello says that an angry mob grabbed the suspect from police as he was being moved from the reception at Anyara police post to the cells 100 meters away and lynched him.

Okello says police opened fire to disperse the mob in vain. Peter Oriongitai, the Kabarameido district Criminal Investigations Officer has confirmed the incident saying none of the suspects connected to the mob has been arrested yet. Ocen was buried on Monday afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Angry Mob Grabs Suspect from Police, Lynch Him

  1. If that was a thief police was going to protect him, but this case of man slaughter he was left to die like that even if it was self defence

  2. The Police must be questioned and even taken to court for leading to a suspects´loss of life, justice must be served. Besigye is always surrounded by many even when he is harmless why not put Police resources where they are needed? We Need answers. What if the Police was bribed?

  3. This is how INDIANS are treating our daughters, and we sit down fold
    our hands and handover our country to them. Is this how we treat them in
    our country? Several times Uganda women have been been ganged raped in
    INDIA and no Uganda newspaper bothered to carry the news. here is the link please read and watch carefully.


    1. Thanks for the link, in Uganda they are called M7 investors. I hope he reads Red pepper cause this is really harsh treatment of human beings.

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