Besigye Arrested For Knocking Police Vehicle

Dr Kiiza Besigye (C) being arrested recently.
Dr Kiiza Besigye (C) being arrested recently.

Former Forum for Democratic Change president Dr Kiiza Besigye has today been arrested by the police and taken to an unknown destination.

Dr Besigye was arrested outside his Kasangati home as he attempted to drive out.

According to Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Ibin Senkumbi, Besigye was arrested for causing an accident.

He allegedly knocked a police car which was manning a police check point, injuring officers in the process.

Besigye has been arrested several times at public rallies since the peak of the 2011 protests and although he stepped down last year as leader of the FDC, Uganda’s biggest opposition party, police have kept him under close scrutiny.

Last year lawmakers passed a bill that gives police discretionary powers to allow or disallow public meetings.

New York-based rights group, Human Rights Watch, said in a new report that throughout 2013 “opposition politicians faced arrest, detention, and criminal charges for holding public assemblies in Uganda”.

7 thoughts on “Besigye Arrested For Knocking Police Vehicle

    1. people like you suck, really suck-if you cant see and feel for a fellow human being whose human rights are being trampled on, who will be there to make noise when your rights are trampled upon?

  1. why can someone train the police of Uganda to act professional, why do they beat people before,during and after arresting. Is this in the Ugandan law that suspects must be beaten up when they are aressted or what do we have in Uganda???.
    the Ugandan Govt must know that allowing the police to torture suspects creats a big risk to the police and bad relation between the police and the people. You see people running away when they see the police even if they have done nothing. that mind inside them that has input in people that,you will be beaten,you will be killed will become a nightmare for the police to implement their job in future.

    1. This is a military Government headed by a war load who happens to be a dictator what ever is done by the puppets has no case anywhere,but is bound to continue as long as peoples power is not exercised in the ballot in an un leveled ground. These boys whom you see arresting the the man are been instructed to do so and fix any case to ensure he is handcuffed ie Kama mbaya kawaida. what a same on the nation.

  2. what about when they hummered Dr,s car by policemen were they also arrested.
    Kawesa da govt is blackmailing you and dont think mu7 will rule until you die

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