Cable Cars, Buses For Kampala

CableKampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Jenifer Musisi has beseeched private investors to join the Authority and secure 5,000 buses alongside cable cars to put in place an efficient public transport system in Kampala.

Musisi made the revelations on Wednesday at a ceremony as KCCA recognised its key partners at City Hall in Kampala and had recently introduced a Rapid Bus Transport System with a team of experts from KCCA expected to travel to Europe next week to sufy how developed countries are cable cars for mass transit.

“It has been done elsewhere anbd it is possible to introduce it here. It does not even cost much,” Musisi said.

A cable car in the context of mass transit is a system using rail cars that are hauled by a continuously moving cable running at a constant speed. Individual cars stop and start by releasing and gripping this cable as required.

11 thoughts on “Cable Cars, Buses For Kampala

  1. Musisi are you day dreaming? Having seen these cable cars in snow resorts in EU doesn’t mean you can copy and paste the technology in our Uganda. First of all Uganda should attain electricity availability of 99.9% which is not the case in EU constant electricity is assured by nuclear,hydro ,wind and solar power. If you can still fail to maintain mere tarmac roads and even some major towns have murram then talking about cable cars is like running before even crawling.
    I know its important from time to time come with BIG crazy ideas to impress the BIG BOSS but dream withing your limits. Simple things like modernizing even the pavements ,city roads,road signals (traffic light) water system,sewage,street lighting,rubbish collection just to mention but a few should be your appraisal target and your dear Minister Tumwebaze.

    1. She thinks this is like, when they get the smart phones from China before it is even launched. Mushanju this is your best comment but it reveals to me one thing, that you dont live in Uganda anyway you have said it all better than i can think of, thanks. My worry is our rail System too, bad news

  2. Trains, Trains , Trains.are the way to go.
    Forget dreaming about cable cars when your electricity is of 65% of the year!! You do not need a trip to Europe to study how cable cars work. Unless your are going for tourism. There is a lot of both professional and non-professional information of the internet about the same.

    1. Ugandans, ugandans at times i think its a country of …………….had it been lukwago or besigye to talk about cable cars, u would see how our silly ugandans embrace the idea. its high time we love our country, this country isnt for just musisi or museveni not even besigye all we have to do is give brilliant ideas on such pages on what we think but not always look down on people because you feel certain people do not run in yo blood. Compare a person like Ian Clerk and Munyagwa both are mayors who might not support government but Clerk for the good of the country go to his division, the guy has done wonders but munyagwa only letting his division slag behind because he is also creating a platform for his ownself. Its us to know what we want as a country but not just individuals.

  3. You know these characters at KCCA simply talk without thinking. Cable cars! an impossibility under the current regime and management at KCCA. Simple, you have no master plan for the city and then fool Ugandans with idle talk of cable cars?? If indeed this is to happen, this will be like fitting a grass and wattle house with a 10m birth tub. Kampala needs people with working brains to establish plans, implement those plans and at the same time enforce the law. For now, the public should ignore such talk of cable cars.


  5. And guess what….we pay Ms. Musisi 40m (about $16000) every month to come up with bogus “dreams” as plans for the city. Not even the world’s most congested cities have such a system for public mass transportation, and you expect Kampala, that can not even implement anything near to a functional road public transportation system to do it? And are you going to use charcoal to power those cable cars? Remember electricity in Uganda is dispensed in doses like drugs. Talk of people doing jobs they have no clue about.

  6. Lady, please keep on dreaming to keep our hopes alive.although these dreams are not practical in uganda it makes us think about the next alternatives.

  7. Dreams are Important that lead to the future , but first Manage what you have and organise to a standard , patch up the potholes, schools , clinics and other council related services are delivered , and do not allow double standards as already your Planning Department is Grass thatched roofs in the City ( Luthuli Rise ) next to Children’s Kindergarten , it is a shame ED your staff might let you down instead of cable cars and will have cable carts and push trucks , so far you have moved please ensure that stake holders are involved at every stage of these that it is a collective agreement

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