Christians Protest Appointment Of Rejected Archdeacon

The Bishop of Madi and West Diocese Rev. Dr. Joel Obetia who is  accused of re-appointing rejected arch-deacon to head the diocessan estates
The Bishop of Madi and West Diocese Rev. Dr. Joel Obetia who is accused of re-appointing rejected arch-deacon to head the diocessan estates

Youths in Madi and West Nile diocese in arua district are protesting the appointment of Rev. Grism Draku as the estates manager of the diocese.

Draku who was recently rejected by the Christians in Vurra arch-deaconry was appointed to the new posting by the Bishop of the diocese Rev. Dr. Joel Obetia.

Before his appointment for the new job, Rev. Draku was the then Arch-Deacon of Vurra Arch-deaconry but was rejected by Christians after reports emerged that he was involved in illicit behavior.

The allegations were preceded by another where the Rev. Draku was accused of witchcraft and stopping remittance of offertory to the diocesan headquarters in Mvara.

Rev. Draku was then recalled to the diocese where he has not been assigned any duty. But in a diocesan synod sitting early this year, a decision was made to the effect that the bishop should appoint him the estates manager.

However, Christians led by Alfred Madira have written to the Bishop demanding the appointment be retracted.

They argue that Rev. Draku has been embroiled in several scandals which do not warrant him to hold any public office. They claim that the appointment is an abuse to the integrity of the church.

Rev. Canon Isaac Candia, the Madi and West Nile diocesan secretary says the appointment was based on a resolution from the synod which the highest decision making body of the diocese.

Meanwhile the embattled Rev. Grism Draku says he is duty bound to serve God regardless of what people think about him.

3 thoughts on “Christians Protest Appointment Of Rejected Archdeacon

  1. My Uncle, its God who sees and judges, the christians who are opposing u are doing it mere human beings and judgment will be for all. Trials are always there and ur rewards are in heaven, shame on us who claims to be christians when we don’t follow what the bible teaches and follow the examples of Jesus teachings, I say shame on those who think are perfect, read the bible and understand its teachings. Is it bcz ur frm Terego that’s always how other tribes in westnile especially Arua take Us.

  2. Bishop, ur not new to the bikerings of the flocks ur leading, since the times u were in scripture Union with others which I will not mention, ur rewards are in heaven,And to those who have ears and brains the book of ecclesiasts talks about life and how we shall be judged, .

  3. If these accusations are true before God our creator then you will be punished for your sins.You know your in self better if so confess and repent before the doors of Heaven are closed for you.Good luck

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