Counterfeit Dimes On The Raise

SenteMasaka Police are holding two suspected fraudsters after they were found in possession of counterfeit currency worth 3 million shillings. The suspects are Wahab Kazeyi and Isaac Bukenya, residents of Bushenyi and Mbarara districts respectively. The suspects, who have been on the police list of the most wanted, were picked up on Saturday by Police in collaboration with the Special Investigations Unit.

It all started after the duo stormed a Mobile money shop- located opposite Ssese Corner building in Masaka town along Horbert Street and asked the attendant to deposit 1 million shillings on their mobile money number. They handed the attendant 1 million shillings in fake currency in the denominations of 50,000 shillings and drove off towards Kyotera in a Toyota Premo Registration number UAR 087X.

But on closer scrutiny of the money, the mobile money attendant realized the shillings 50,000 notes were fake and immediately notified police. Police swung into action and mounted road blocks leading to the arrest of the suspects on their way back to Masaka town. Henry Kavuma, the Masaka District Police Commander says the duo was intercepted in Kyotera town 12Kms away from Masaka.

He says when they searched the vehicle they found 3 million shillings in fake currency. According to Kavuma, the suspects are part of the gang that has been terrorizing mobile money agents in South region with fake notes. He says the group also supplies fake currency in bars and hotels adding that, they are still hunting for other suspects.

Kavuma says the suspects face charges of possession of fake currency once investigations are complete. He advises mobile money agents to be cautious while dealing with suspicious customers and use money detectors saying counterfeit dealers are on the loose in Masaka. Cases of fake currency are on the rise in Masaka. Last month four people were arrested with fake money worth 11 million shillings.

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