FIFA Wanted Mulindwa Booted

Mulindwa addresses journalists while still FUFA Spokesman. FA supremo Moses Magogo reveals that his sacking was imminent.
Mulindwa addresses journalists while still FUFA Spokesman. FA supremo Moses Magogo reveals that his sacking was imminent.

FA President Moses Magogo has exclusively revealed that the World body FIFA had recommended for the sacking of former spokesman Rogers Mulindwa.

In a brief chat with our reporter at the Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa last night, Magogo said he is not surprised by what is happening back in Kampala including the resignation of Mulindwa.

He accused Mulindwa of executing negative publicity planned well in advance.  He goes ahead to claim he was aware of those plans.

It is a move likely to be viewed as a case of jumping before being pushed. After taking office in September,Moses Magogo dropped Mulindwa as media committee chairman, reducing his role to that of media spokesman.

He was also asked to relinquish one of his two posts at the federation considering the fact that he is a delegate from the Buganda region contrary to the amended Fufa constitution that does not permit dual responsibility according to a statement released by the federation CEO Edgar Watson.

But the FA President said although it is too early respond to some of the allegations made by Mulindwa, there was no way the latter could fit in the new set-up because he lacks some skills that FIFA thought were very necessary for effective work to be carried out in the communication department. He explained that after evaluation by FIFA consultants late last year, they recommended that Mulindwa is sacked immediately because they deemed him unfit to move the department forward.

The Federation has already moved quickly and appointed Red Pepper Sports columnist, Ahmed Hussein as the new spokesman. Magogo said there are many other changes coming and this is something which is geared towards streamlining many operation and management issues.

“I have found myself unable to continue serving and defending an administration whose focus seems to differ so much from the foundation and the objectives we laid,” Mulindwa said of his decision to resign.

Milindwa’s resignation came amid speculation that the federation is struggling to sustain football activities because of financial difficulties with the withdrawal of the ladies’ team coming after it was revealed that Cranes coach had gone three months without pay in October.

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