Fille: Mc Kats Is The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me

Fille born Fille Mutoni is fast becoming the hottest new thing in Kampala.

Mc Kats with Singer Fille
Mc Kats with Singer Fille

With a chat topping hit under her belt, she’s now set to capture the nation’s hearts with a ten track album to be dropped this year.

The 23 year old grew up with her mother Mutamba Odete having lost her dad Peter Rwabasira at a very early age.

We caught up with the stunning petite singer to talk about music, booze and dating managers.

Education Background
Before I tell you about my education career I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude publicly to may mother who saw me through school.

Growing without a father was so challenging so my mother had to become both my mother and father. She worked her fingers to the bone to make sure that our family didn’t lack.

She took me to good schools; I went to Nakasero Primary school and thereafter to Lubiri Secondary school for both O and A level education.

I St Lawrence university to do Public Administration but I am changing to Journalism in the coming academic year. I do not have high school memories since I was always quiet and shy.

Once in a while I would do miming with the MDD club while at Lubiri.

Musical Journey

I don’t have cute little stories like I read about other artistes who began to sing while still in the womb, or whose cries were musical, but I know I have always been involved in music.

The other problem is that I was painfully shy while growing up, so my participation in church or school always went unnoticed. I was afraid of being laughed at in case what I offered wasn’t good enough.

But time came and I could not hide the talent and I decided to start singing all the songs that had accumulated in my books.
So far I have one album titled Beauty from Ashes there are seven songs in this album.

On this album I worked with Producers like Nash Wonder, Winston Mayaja and Benon of Swangz Avenue.
I am working on my latest album that will have over ten songs and am looking forward to working with producers like Andy Buddies, Hannz, Eddy Ngoni, Just Joze and Bushington.

This year I have already outed one single titled Hello with Afrodisiac Melody from Rwanda.

What I can say is that I want to sing for the world. I want my music to people’s hearts, make them smile and bring positive vibe to them.

Management and Love

I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. People fall in love everyday, get married and have kids. I don’t see why my dating my manager Mc Kats(Moses Katamba) if at all I was, should be such a big deal.

Mc Kats: "Done....oooh 2014 wedding meetings"
Mc Kats: “Done….oooh 2014 wedding meetings”


There is one thing I know for sure and I am proud to say; Kats and I are very close. I also know that he is the best manager for me because of his vast knowledge and passion for good music.

The rest that you people like to imagine come in as secondary.

Social Life
I am an simple, easy and cool girl I am God fearing so I go out once in a while to have fun with friends.

I do not have a specific hangout but I go to the trendiest places. I am not a big drinker but once in a while I take a shot or two of Black Label and a bottle or two of Smirnoff. I also go to church every Sunday, Visit orphanages and play video games.

Being an orphan I know how hard life can be so it is my mission to contribute whatever I can to lift those kids’ hearts even if my contribution is just a song.

Best Dishes
I love rice and beans so much.

Cosmetics and fragrances
I use the normal Vaseline and less make up.

Any perfume whose scent is natural works for me very well.

I exercise to keep fit and make sure my skin looks good all the time.

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