Five Week Erection: Every Man’s Dream, One Man’s Nightmare

erect-bananaWhich two words do all men dread to hear? “Erectile dysfunction”, or not being able to “get it up” (and keep it there) are probably high on the list.

On the other hand, how would you feel about having an erection which lasts for five weeks?

One unlucky – yes, UNlucky – cyclist in Ireland had just that experience, and was admitted to a Dublin hospital for treatment. The 22-year-old received what is known as a “straddle injury” when his mountain bike hit a bump.

This resulted in the blood supply to his penis being interrupted and created the condition called priapism. This is a potentially painful medical condition in which the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state spontaneously. Priapism is considered a medical emergency which must be treated if it lasts for longer than four hours.

The name comes from the Greek god, Priapus, who was a fertility god often represented with a disproportionately large and permanent erection.

Although the idea of a penis remaining erect for five hours may seem amusing, or even be a source of envy, the potential complications include ischemia, (thrombosis), and damage to the blood vessels of the penis. This can result in an impaired erectile function or impotence. In serious cases, the ischemia may result in gangrene, which could necessitate removal of the penis.

Still envious?

As it happens, this particular man was extremely fortunate since he did not go the the Tallaght Hospital until five weeks after sustaining the injury. Doctors reported that the initial examination “revealed no signs of injury, but the penis was erect.” Intercourse would have been “possible, but painful.”

After several different treatments, the man’s swelling eventually subsided when doctors managed to inject a gel foam and insert four tiny platinum coils at an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein that supplied blood to the man’s penis.

The high flow of blood was reduced, and the penis returned to its flaccid state.

As the ancient Chinese proverb states: “Be careful what you wish for”…………..


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