Fourth Trial Called For Mohammed Morsi

Ousted Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi
Ousted Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi

The ousted president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, faces a fourth trial, on charges of insulting the judiciary.

The Islamist leader and 24 other politicians, media personalities, activists and lawyers will be tried on the new charges, judicial sources said.

Mr Morsi was removed from power in July and his Muslim Brotherhood declared a terrorist organisation.

His first trial to date was adjourned earlier this month.

Correspondents say the new trial is a sign that the military have no intention of easing their crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The move followed a referendum in which 98% of voters approved a new constitution, according to electoral officials.

The vote was seen as a vote on the legitimacy of the military’s removal of Mr Morsi.

Turnout was less than 40% amid a boycott by Morsi supporters, who dismissed it as a “farce”.

A constitutional referendum held in 2012 while Mohammed Morsi was in power but boycotted by secularists saw a turnout of 33%, with 64% of voters approving the document.

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