Gareth, Nickita Swap Saliva

Over the weekend, celebrated dancer turned Club manager Gareth Onyango and city glamour gal Nickita Evas Bachu swapped saliva at the Kabalagala based Club Venom.

Gareth and Nickita Swapping saliva
Gareth and Nickita Swapping saliva

Public display of affection has of late been seen as method of communication for people in romantic relationships.

Time stood still as their lips moved together sweetly making them forget how they were in public. They kissed for almost 90 seconds.

Gareth started smiling and this prompted Nickita to also respond with a smile, they then realized that they were in public.

Gareth and Nickita have been happily in love for the past five years. Their love led to the birth of Kylie their only baby girl.

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