Iron Bar Hit Men Kill 4 In Gulu

At least four people have been killed by iron-bar hit men in the last three weeks in Gulu district.

Local authorities in the district have expressed concerns over a new wave of crime in Unyama Sub County.

Gulu Resident District Commissioner (RDC) James Kidega who chairs the security committee, says all the four victims were men who reportedly smoked Marijuana and were involved in heavy drinking.

The latest victim was Patrick Olweny, a 35-year-old resident of Lapata village, Pakwelo parish in Unyama Sub County. He was hit on the head on Christmas day.

Kidega says that the security committee is planning to visit the area and have a consultative meeting with the communities on how to deal with the criminals. He says criminals took advantage of their victims who were drunk.

According to the Aswa regional police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema, the assailants use blunt objects which the police suspect to be iron-bars.

According to the police a suspect has been arrested in connection to the murders. Okema says that the motive of the killings is not known.

In a period of two months at least six people have been mysteriously murdered in different areas in northern Uganda.

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