Juliana’s Letter To Haters

To my haters

I am gona say this and it comes with Love. I have always wondered why one chooses to hate on another fellow human being, especially when good things are happening to that person.


I have seen this pattern play out in my life for very many years, SUCCESS=HATE, SUCCESS=HATE.

You hate someone so much even though you’ve never met them. But I’m not gona waste so much of my time trying to figure that out. Maybe it’s human nature.

However, I know one thing that God has a reason why he made me who i am.

There is a reason why he chose me out of so many and gave me this amazing voice and the success that has come with it.

There is a reason why he didn’t choose you.

1. Because he knew you don’t have the character to carry it and handle the success that comes with it.

2. Because he has an individual plan for you. Go and seek him and find what plan he has for you and embrace it.

I have found mine, I have also found my purpose in life. You need to go and find yours.

Stop wasting your time trying to hate on others. That hatred is poisoning you inside.

Just because you want to have something does not mean it’s right for you. God bless you.

23 thoughts on “Juliana’s Letter To Haters

  1. The only problem the public have with her, ni obwa MALAAYA!!!. She doesnt accord her body any dignity and therefore has no moral authority to hide in God’s plan for her.

    1. Banange leave her alone. Tamanyi Kyayagala and she has never found her size i think next time let her try Dinka or Niggerian.

      1. mbu she has ‘BISIRANI’ anti her feet lay flat on the ground and that is typical of pple with bad luck

    2. well put brother. she is so cheap and soon people will shun her music coz she is setting a bad example to the young people who may idolise her.

    3. @disqus_RrMdp2q5dO:disqus,, u have just reminded me of an old{very true} saying in our Rutoro that goes;”OMUSHAIJA TAYAGWA” Literary meaning; ”A MAN CAN NEVER BE REJECTED”. ..Now thats what is eating up Juliana. She is still leaving in the STONE AGE PERIOD… hahahahaha,go girl,the end will justify the meaning!!!!! Mark my words!!

  2. Juliana, with due respect my dear,its the way you live your life that matters most.{How do you expect people to Respect you/imitate you when all you do ever since you came to light{Celeb} is to sleep from one man to the other?????. tell me,when will they ever respect you?. & you call that a gift/talent from God?. Nyabo, i cant say i like you or i hate you but your life stories in papers sucks .And trust me, the least i expect you to do is not to sound RUDE like u just did in your msgs of Love{like u called it}. My dear Juliana,dont confuse CHANCE with LUCK, OPPORTUNITY with A GIFT!! .Am sure all those make some sense to you!!. I rest my case…Naye Tuswala nyabo,develop some fear{if not respect} for your self.or at least think of what u will tell your children in the near future!! Olowoza life will remain like that for you? wapi.

  3. First of all i need to state that i am your ardent fan. But i am sometimes disappointed at you public image! Don’t try to invoke God in all this. First the letter doesn’t sound re-conciliatory or forgiving as is God’s principle for love. But even more, you have failed to manage your own public image by engaging with people who later turn against you. I don’t think it is the haters that sent you to fling with the so-called guy! Remember, if you set out to entertain the public you will remain accountable to it. So just get used to the dirty game or quit otherwise no one will forgive you for your own failings and then pile them on your haters as you call them. Otherwise i will continue to enjoy your music gal.

  4. I really, accept yes Juliana, people will always hate success by others in one way or the other, however you as a celebrity, i believe what you call haters have been your funs and if it were not for them, am sure you would not have been where you are. The support you’ve got in the years needs to be appreciated Juliana.

    Stop that lousy thinking that may even take you deep down to total lose, believe me it can. I am just saying, before you attack haters, Have you examined your public relationship as a celeb and successful person who has ridden on your haters (now) support ?

    Surely there must be a problem, to the extent that you feel the heat right now of being hated, go back to the drawing board, you are, to some young people still an icon, so please other than attacking and jeopardizing your image, calm down and low to seek your initial personality that commands respect in the public. Since you have invoked God in your writing, it means you are a believer, therefore desist from fighting your battles if any and surely if you are innocent. However though, if you are guilty, that’s not the way to go. God bless you…

  5. Juliana has stopped thinking with her Brain.My humble message to her
    is.If Nobody has come to you face to face and told you they hate you biba bigambo byo.#totukoya

    1. trying to justify her cheap behaviour with King lawrence and other men!! #totukoya indeed!!

  6. “You say your best when u say nothing at all.” Juliana u shd have just kept quiet. No one hates u , you’re the one that keeps letting yourself and your fans down by devaluing yourself. I know u’re struggling to find love, but again, u’re looking in all the wrong directions. Your recent escapades with king Lawrence was the last straw. Those pictures that he took while you two were at the hotel went viral on the net. Its your right to date who u want but unfortunately as your fans, we disapprove of many of your men and in the end it turns out that we were right in the first place. Mind u, u can chose to ignore us as fans but u’re a mother hence your son is growing up and will read all about you and see your pictures in the archives. So instead of lashing out on pple, pliz put your head down and reflect on your behaviour off the stage, otherwise, u’ll end up leaping from diva to disgrace

  7. Juliana my dear, i will start by commending for addressing this haters issue for it is nasty and people need to stop it. Having said that, i will also point out that the industry you are in commands a better public image than you portray. Though most or part of what is written in papers may not be your personal doing, its your obligation to choose who you share your life with and do it carefully.

    There is an old saying; “Not all that glitters is gold.” Just because someone has a ton of money does not mean you have to sleep with him. Do your research first and shouldn’t be based on what he portrays in Guvnor but his character. Money does not change who we are, once a looser always a looser.

    Stop chasing after money and you will find a humble person who will love you, cherish you and be true to you. If you continue dating men for their money, believe me more shame is yet to come. God Bless you my dear!

  8. My dear Juliana,am one of the people who like, enjoy, sing and dance to your music which carries a lot of meaning.Keep it up! however, please settle down andtake care of your son since he needs you most. let the world talk whatever they want but remeber, u say it best when u say nothing at all. I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR FAN COME RAIN OR SHINE!

    1. Oh God, you again! Your comments normally bast me into loud laughter. You’re such a funny person! Juliana must have been very stressed to write this letter if at all she really did. I just feel bad for her, she’s really talented though!

  9. Please Juliana, don’t bring God into this… Your image is now not good. Sleeping with one man after the other.. Is it that its men who are bad??????

  10. Tiger Woods apologised in these words””I had affairs. I cheated. What I did was not acceptable, and I’m the only person to blame.”” Juliana is just being arrogant(with her presumed success) devoid of good sense and is going beyond normal limits to insult her own fans in poor grammar… talk of being UNLEARNED.

  11. Juliana, time to do self evaluation. Your fans love you and in away respect you as a person. The only problem your fans see is that you keep brooding with the wrong cocks. The caliber of persons you chose to date are so desperate for publicity and they find you an easy pawn. No ill intentions sis. just reset yourself to factory settings and move on.

  12. Juliana darling, google “Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston”.
    I agree with all the tough love your fans on here are dishing out to you, coz I too like you as a musician coz you are one of the very few in Uganda who are clued up and classy; until it comes to your choice of men.
    Trust me, much as I “love” ( I hate how you murdered the word) you too, as a fan, etc, you, girl, ain’t yet got nothing on Whitney. Yet even she did not survive the effect of one bad relationship decision. And you have not made one such decision, but several, in other words, toyiga.
    Whitney could afford rehab, PR and all the other perks, but is now dead.
    And Whitney was once probably more of a savedee than you are ever going to be, yet died probably in sin. How can you be so sure of your safety with criminals who violate your dignity and privacy like that? Such a guy can date rape or even kill you by over spiking your drink!! Do you think of these things.
    Satan has no free stuff and you of all people should know that. Lawrence, Semwanga, Katsha, etc have been allowed by their master to have a few pennies for a season for an, evil, destructive reason- to lead many astray through false impressions!! You risk being a victim when the inevitable fallout from their occultic practices begins.
    Unless you make the right decisions starting now. When you start making good decisions, that unlucky-in-love tag will fall off you, in Jesus’ Name!!
    As you already know, it is a spiritual bondage and requires Godly, spiritual attention okukikutula.
    We westerners have no excuse to reject God coz our foreparents taught us right, while the rest of Uganda was in nsaasi. That is why we have been appointed rulers over them. Thus I marvel at girls like U and Zari, rejecting God for pigs’ food. Be prodigal, your Father in Heaven is still waiting for you to return to him.

  13. May i say Amen. We are all created for a particular purpose. Knock and it will be opened, seek and you will find. Call unto God and He will show you might things which thou knowest not. Jeremiah 33.

  14. Juliana get your act together then you will get respect. Stop jumping into bed with every Dick (pun not intended), Tom and Hurry. You deserve better and there are better guys out there – not these bar-men, kadogo-turned-boxers, SA based musician-wannabes. You owe it to yourself, your fans and more importantly your son.

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