Kenya Won’t Send Troops To S Sudan – Minister

Kenya's Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.
Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.

Kenya does not intend to send troops to South Sudan despite a resolution by the United Nations Security Council for the deployment of a 5,500-strong force to end hostilities.

The country’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed on Wednesday confirmed that Kenya had been approached to send troops, but ruled out deployment of forces there.

“Some countries have already agreed to provide troops while others are considering the provision of troops. We have been approached to provide troops, so have many other countries both in Africa and outside Africa,” she said.

“The United Nations Security Council together with the government of South Sudan has adopted a resolution to allow 5,500 troops to take position if calm is not restored.”

“The question of whether we are going to see troops in the Republic of South Sudan… if need arises for the resolution of the Security Council to be implemented then yes, soldiers will proceed to ensure that peace and normalcy return,” said Mohamed.

Speaking during the signing of performance contracts for the ministry’s directors the CS supported the presence of Ugandan troops in the war torn country saying that they were given the directive by Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).


6 thoughts on “Kenya Won’t Send Troops To S Sudan – Minister

  1. @Mushanju. Is it a problem of malnutrition in Uganda or what? Lapsset project is a flagship project for kenya vision 2030. SS oil is key to this project. Its continuity depends on Kiir’s survival bse Machar can divert the oil Northwards. How is this smart of Kenya? M7 still beats you to long term vision

    1. Enock, M7 wants lord over ‘dense’ presidents. He’s keeping awy from Rwanda and TZ because of sharp leaders these countries have; he can’t touch Kenya ofcourse – Mombasa is Uganda’s lifeline. President Kiir is village boy who’s always quiet; Garang kept him under his wings for the entire 22 years of war. He’s not that much exposed.
      Museveni is a afraid to be surrounded by countries with smart and sharp leaders who cannot take any of his nonsense. Remember, Riek has been the man running South Sudan for the best of the past 8 years. So can you now see clearly why M7 threw his weight behind Kiir – he was propping a dummy president.

      1. Apart from this empty hogwash, my question was simple, how does the fall of current SS govt become good for the regioanl businesses and infrastructural plans? Do you see a difference in your head between M7 and Uganda? or whatever makes M7 score a point has to be resisited whether it is good for Uganda or not. Now IGAD is following him after dradding their feet, who wins round one? Grow up. if u have business in Juba go back and make your money bse UPDF has fought the battle to keep you.

        1. Not all problems are resolved through military might. How will UPDF normalize relations between communities in South Sudan especially Dinka and Nuer? Israel’s might has not resolved their issues with Palestine for more than 50 years

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