Killer Nurse Charged with Attempted Murder, Remanded

A nurse who was arrested for allegedly drawing her HIV positive blood before injecting it into a child in the process of administering treatment has been charged and remanded to Luzira prison.

Rosemary Namubiru
Rosemary Namubiru

Rosemary Namubiru, 64, was produced before Buganda Road Court to answer to charges of attempted murder. She denied the charges

Chief Magistrate Olive Kazaarwe sent her to Luzira prison until January 31 following her failure to apply for bail. She also never had a legal representative in court.

Over the weekend, the country was thrown into dismay after Namubiru was arrested by Wandegeya police for maliciously infecting her patients mainly the children with her HIV positive blood.

Prosecution led by Martin Rukundo, alleges that on January 7, 2014 at Victoria Medical Centre, along Lumumba Avenue in Kampala, Namubiru with intent to unlawfully cause the death of two year-old Mathew Mushabe, pricked her finger and used the same syringe to inject the same child well knowing that she was HIV/Aids positive.

According to police records, on the fateful day the child was showing signs of tonsillitis, an inflammation of the tonsils.

The mother of the victim decided to take her sick son to Victoria Medical Centre, one of the health centers on the family’s health insurance scheme.

Unfortunately on her arrival, she found that the doctor who normally attends to her family was absent before the medical facility assigned nurse Namubiru.

But to the mother’s surprise, the nurse got hold of a syringe, first pierced one of her fingers, drew out some blood, and then injected the baby.

The terrified mother shouted at the nurse to stop injecting her child before reporting the matter to the in-charge of the facility leading to her arrest.

Later the victim’s family demanded to know Namubiru’s HIV status and upon testing, she was found to be positive.

Immediately, the child was transferred to another health centre and put on PEP treatment for the next 30 days with the aim of avoiding the contraction of the deadly virus.

4 thoughts on “Killer Nurse Charged with Attempted Murder, Remanded

  1. The way how this lady was handled i can assure you that it will never prevent crime, some things need to be discussed closed door and to talk to someone like her in a manner that will make her tell the truth what really happened, sometimes psycologically you could say you did it out of fear and the crowd around you. Look at that Lady sincerly her story is really confusing and by the way how can the hospital hire her on what bais? There so many un answered questioned in this Show. Police shoud learn how to prepare for a press conference to release a Topic on some suspected crime, what if one did not do a crime? The imagine can never be repaired even the relatives and friends are always affected. We have a Long road to go

    1. The problem is if you watched a crowd beat up a thief caught red-handed with the goods that he stole from you, his outcry for mercy would draw your sympathy, making you to think of forgiving them. But people like that do not have mercy at all for others. So why should we spare them? I painfully recall when a nurse ordered my uncle to return his ill son (1 year old) from the hospital ward back home, because he (my uncle) switched on the solar light in the children’s ward when it was getting dark, apparently it was forbidden. We begged for mercy, for the nurse to reconsider her decision, and as we left the hospital, approaching the main gate, the boy passed on behind us. Indeed we had to take our son home as ordered by the nurse before! So the point here is that, never trust all the medical practitioners, because this sector has gone to some wrong hands nowadays, killers, vampirers, body part vendors, baby sellers, etc. A few of them have the love for the profession.

  2. The law needs to be clear, prevention is better than cure. Nurses and doctors who are HIS positive should not be allowed to come near a syringe and a needle. If this is not done there are more of these professionals who just behave like this nurse. I mean they have to this attitude of not going down alone.

    I am not surprised that ministry of health has nit commented on this issue.


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