Kiyingi To Run Against M7 In 2016

Ugandan born Australian cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi
Ugandan born Australian cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi

Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi, a Ugandan Cardiologist based in Australia, is finalizing his presidential bid for 2016 when he believes he can defeat Mr. Yoweri Museveni who will have been Ugandan president for more than 30 years in 2016. 

We have engaged and spoken to a group of young men claiming to be doing Kiyingi’s mobilization work.

These are young men who are well known political activists in Kampala but have preferred to remain annonymous fearing to jeopardize their still very confidential dealings with Kiyingi who recently accused the Uganda government of politically witch-hunting him.

This was after his family was brutally evicted from their residence in Buziga by claimants whose court order police helped to enforce.

Besides a 30 page dossier threatening to topple Museveni’s government, the young men have showed us a business card and fliers on which Kiyingi introduces himself as the chairman of Uganda Federal Democratic Organization (UFDO) under whose auspices he intends to mobilize against Museveni in the run up to 2016.

Kiyingi, whose mobilization website is presented as, intends to jet into the country in  the days to come to prepare for his political movement’s formal launch in February this year.

It wasn’t readily clear if his well known political allies and acquaintances like Kakooza Mutale are behind Kiyingi’s new political activities. Watch this space.

12 thoughts on “Kiyingi To Run Against M7 In 2016

  1. Atleast u have my vote we need a change this time en we are tired of the same boat [Movement] yeah bring us something knew and dont let us down plz

  2. People should stop running against M7! They should run for presidency. Suppose M7 decides not to stand? And if M7 is defeated – will presidential elections cease in Uganda?

  3. On what grounds ????? I know we all have right as citizens to contest for presidency, but why, where, when, what for, as who, why you ???????

    1. Pliz mr. Kasolo just organise yo self and contest… Kiyingi is a ugandan with well known background so if he comes you cant decide for him…..

    2. I worked with Vision group and they used to send us to capture the briefs whenever Dr Kiyingi was inthe country. He is one of the people with a good cause. First he introdused IT to uganda and spread it every where and in one of his meetings, he made it clear that it is to benefit the country for schools to have computer labs since in a few year to come technology is taking over the world, he was ver right and spot on, here we are now in the world of technology. He was the man behind setting up the ministry of Agriculture lab when he said, ”Agriculture is the back born of Uganda, by doing this, we are helping the officials in this department to do all the research they need to go down and help people in the community so they can fight poverty. I am not sure if they ever paid even today. In schools, Taibah Ntebe road, kawempe, Gayaza and 7 in Masaka almost all schools which got computers between 1998 and 2005. Radio stations likes of CBS, SIMBA and then Nabagereka foundation not only that, he donated a machine worthy millions to Mulago Herat unit and would bring in books every now and then tohelp them on research to intergrate their work. This was after he was denied a licence to open up a heart centre which he said was to help Ugandans who cant afford to go abroad for surgery which was true.
      Donations to the needy he did that, as far as I know he is more educated even than our current President and have Uganda’s best interests at heart. I have been a fun of your generous work Dr, you are the right person to save Uganda because you already have not to steal from us. We are tired.
      As far as the case is concerned, sane Ugandans are well aware that the late’s practice was umbshed by the CID and files were taken never returned even today, the home files were taken by the gov’t never returned even today and when Dr asked in court for his phone calls to be retrieved so they can see the last people to contact her in the last 48 hours, the gov’t refused and he asked them why they broke in her office and took her corruption transperance files they never answered. Unfortunately for the gov’t, the reports were already sent to Global fund thats why since her death, they have never sent back money to Uganda. We knoledgebale enough Ugandans know the truth behind herdeath, some people wanted to hise their dirtyhand but they were late.
      So for you who was saying case openede again, it will be a bad step for the gov’t since investigators with credantials already looked in it and they find big people in the gov’t guilty with the late’s death.
      As for Kasolo, He has books, Uganda’s best interest at heart and rich he wont still from our tax money to get rich and he is a Ugandan citizen.

  4. Dr. Kiyingi will not be allowed to contest against Museveni. A lot of hurdles will be thrown in his way, which will make it impossible for him to stand. If he overcomes the hurdles, he will all the same be defeated through massive rigging. Watch this space.

    1. Well one hurdle is that he was strongly suspected of murdering his wife. I know he got off and is presumed innocent but the police will do a lot of digging around if this man is challenging for the presidency and the state was appealing the acquital (as far as I recall) so that appeal may be live.

      1. Is that the reason why you decided to steal his property and yo gvt…shame upon you mafias

    2. Already those whi killed his wife are known..that was awoman who was investigating about money of global fund and aids… So her laptop was taken aphone and all documents which were putting those thieves in open…all of us we know the killers and very soon the world will realise….

  5. Bravo! See how our media is introducing Kiyingi, tell us when he was born, academic or not we want to know it all, his family background, place of birth i mean the whole biography that when i see his face i can tell so much about him, depends on his creditials and failures that i decide whom to vote for, more important if he was once also in the bush and why he went to where he is now. Media please do some refreshing courses and not write who is running and when then we should expect Change on the way. Witch hunted or not even the opposition is, so this is not new, it could appear somewhere in the middle of the story.

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