Lukodo Tells Activists To Focus On Children Not Chaos

kidsUganda’s Minister for ethics and integrity Simon Lukodo has asked anti corruption crusaders to center onto children and teenage age in their fight against corruption RP’s Martin Kaddu reports.

The minister made the call at Serena hotel while launching the Bingwa (champion) anti corruption booklet by Child Africa yesterday.

Lukodo noted that in order for the vice to be controlled, the goals must be shifted to the tender age for they can grow up valuing their country resources and up hold patriotism.

“We have to talk to this young age so that they can desist the vice rather than pritising public offices”, he said.

The minister who cautioned NGOs who exploit and extort African child commended Child Africa for the channel taken to fight corruption through building integrity in African children.

“As government we welcome civil societies who work with children especially in anti corruption crusades and patriotism but should not traffic or do illegitimate works”, stressed the minister.

According to Child Africa founder and managing director, Julie Solberg, over 10000 copies of Bingwa patriotism booklet copies have been given to over 800 schools in Kenya every term in the last four years.

“Corruption can be done away with if children grow up against the vice. We shall travel in schools around Uganda giving out booklets, fact finding and engaging students”, said Solberg.

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