Masaka Police Stuck With Defilement Victims

Masaka police is stuck with victims of defilement, whose parents have failed to turn up.

The minors that are currently stuck at Masaka Police after abuse
The minors that are currently stuck at Masaka Police after abuse

Four minors are currently in police custody where they were taken for help after being sexually molested in various locations in Masaka. Two of them have spent more than a month sleeping in police cells.

One of the Victims, aged 13 reveals that a man identified as Wasswa Paul, approached her parents, residents of Buyende in Busoga region and convinced them that he was getting their daughter a job in Masaka. However, the girl says that on reaching Bukakata, he was turned into a housewife.

The other victim aged 14 is a born of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who was also brought to Uganda as a house maid in Lukaya Town council, Kalungu district.

She reveals that she came along with a woman identified as Christine Ampiire Feeza, who misled her to escape from her parents, on assurance of getting a job in Uganda.

But on reaching Uganda; they rented a house in Lukaya town council, from where she could be offered to men for sex in return for money.

However, Police arrested Ampiire, on grounds that she attempted to sell the minor in ritual sacrifice to one of the witchdoctors in Nyendo.

The third victim was allegedly kidnapped by a group of men in Bisanje parish, in Kabonera Sub County, Masaka district. She says she was locked inside a house where her kidnappers could gang defile her, and when she got a chance and fleed, she decided to run to police for assistance.

The fourth; is a victim of domestic violence, characterized by torture, corporal punishments and parental neglect. She accuses her father; Fred Kimbugwe, a resident of Namirembe landing site, Bukakata sub county in Masaka, of disowning her after her mother’s divorce.

Henry Kavuma, the Masaka district Police commander noted that police only arrested two defilers whose identities were disclosed to them, and currently being prosecuted on the offenses.
Kavuma says that besides defilement, these minors were also taken into child labor which is against their rights.

He has observes an increase in child abuse cases, cautioning parents against neglecting their responsibilities to children.

Kavuma says they are considering placing the minors under the care of child-restoration homes, because police cannot harbor them anymore.

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