MP Responds To Museveni On Anti-gay Law

Dr Chris Baryomunsi
Dr Chris Baryomunsi

Kinkizi East MP Dr Chris Baryomunsi has written to President Yoweri Museveni in response to the letter that the latter wrote to Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga over the passing of the anti-gay bill.

Museveni wrote an 8-page letter to parliament criticising legislators for passing the anti-gay bill saying that it was passed without quorum and that homosexuals are abnormal persons who should be contained in society.

Baryomunsi in his letter asks Museveni where he got the bill saying that as far as he knows the bill hasn’t been sent to the President as it is still in parliament with the technical team putting together the final copy.

The MP who is also a medical doctor tells Museveni not to compare homosexuality with other abnormalities like albinism, epilepsy and barrenness saying that homosexuality is not hormonal and added that it wouldn’t be only in the western world if it was hormonal or an abnormality.

He tells the president that homosexuality has nothing to do with economic conditions as he argues in his letter saying that if that were true it would be more common in the poverty stricken Africa than in Europe. In the letter, a copy of which Uganda Radio Network has seen, Baryomunsi, who is a Parliamentary Commissioner, tells the president that his argument does not add up and that he could be talking about the bill that was introduced by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati and not the bill that the house passed on December 20, 2013.

In a letter dated December 28th, Museveni tells Kadaga of how Uganda needs to co-exist peacefully in East Africa, the Great Lakes region and the whole world. He says that laws like the anti-gay bill can’t facilitate that which is why he had advised parliament to shelve it.

He says that MPs passed the bill without quorum and questions what type of parliament it is that breaks the law repeatedly. He says that homosexuals are abnormal and asked whether society should kill instead of containing these abnormal people.

He says that some homosexuals are not born but forced into the act by circumstances saying that some especially the youth get recruited on sexual inducements and the women who are sexually starved because they haven’t found men to marry. He said these people can be rescued by finding solutions to what forces them to join homosexuality like rapidly industrialising Uganda and modernising agriculture.

The bill, which was introduced in parliament in 2009, was passed on December 20, 2013 and has since attracted mixed reactions from the public.

The bill among others seeks to have anyone convicted of homosexuality imprisoned for life.

10 thoughts on “MP Responds To Museveni On Anti-gay Law

  1. His Excellency President Museveni is slowly walking the Journey The Biblical First King of Israel walked that is King Saul who was anointed by Samuel by learning too much towards the Homosexuals who will destroy his neck and bury him in the teeth of Satan.

  2. A new name for our president Sabamanyi.. On this one I don’t agree with you. This is too foreign and I am sure the decision you are taking is not for the percentage that voted you it’s a personal decision and we pray to God not to put this to Ugandans but to you and only those that support you for reasons you know best.LETS VOTE.

    1. Someday people will also demand for their rights to marry their cows ,
      goats, pigs ,dogs, horse etc..and the world will support it..with this
      crazy world we are yet to such groups also demanding for their rights..
      and human rights activist will fight for their rights too…and they
      will claim we are born that way.. we only have feelings for our
      cows,pigs etc ..can’t wait to see such weddings….NASA should work
      harder and take such people to mars including gays ….Now am beginning
      to think the devil/satan too must have created some humans!!!..All in
      all God is watching and this will not go unpunished.

  3. What a review by my President His Excellency the president. Did he find out in his review that this tendency of mounting fellow men is more rampant in the developed economies than in his own struggling one? If the argument is based on economic gains, modernization of Agriculture then I have lost the sense of understanding the root problem. I might be wrong to conclude that it is in the nature of our systems and systems’ head to be vague, unclear and as much as possible to derail Ordinary Ugandans. As an African am proud of the presidents of west Africa: Guinea and Nigeria who have given their countries a noble legacy to tell the west that we can not accept every filth. Well done Jonathan Good luck and may luck follow you. I was afraid when My president visited you but when I see you stand on your feet then I know we still have genuine Africans to be proud of. Any African Leader sympathizing with Homosexuality is not African and should not speak on behalf of African- Simple.

  4. Uganda will not die because of fighting homosexuals. It is the west which benefits from us more than us from them. So they will never leave. We are the cow and they are the ticks. Please president, sign it into law.

  5. The President should not bow down to the western demands, but rather take a key position as the President of an African Republic and endorse the bill, just like the Nigerian President did.
    We dont need such nuisance in our Country

  6. Why can’t the SERIOUS looking MP resign and go abroad where homosexuality is practiced? What is he waiting for in Uganda? M7 I congratulate you. My nephew is still nursing his anus because of some people’s greed for sex. God made male and female for a purpose. Go hang, you MP. You deserve to be thrown out of your village. Is the MP married to a man or a woman? Shallow minded!

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