New Dance Strokes Usher In 2014

Rare dance strokes and crazy boozing welcomed the New Year as revelers triggered a country-wide wave of celebrations that included a dazzling 5-minute fireworks show in Kampala and other major towns.

Revelers were treated to best dance moves
Revelers were treated to best dance moves

Kampala party animals decided to dance themselves lame by inventing new dance strokes that mesmerized the revelers at Sheraton hotel Kampala.


The new dance style that consists of three dancers seems to be an advanced version of gangnam style or bend over.



she could survive these guys ....they attacked her from all directions
She could survive these guys ….they attacked her from all directions

10 thoughts on “New Dance Strokes Usher In 2014

  1. These images are disturbing. there is a little girl holding her chin in disbelief. We need to start building a country for our children. Why would we allow children to witness such immorality? I am disgusted!

  2. It is called Entertainment nakiyingi dont blame it on the dancers but every parent decides alone where her children are best entertained, so am seeing her in the wrong place because the Person she is with is enjoying, there is even a man carrying a Baby so please criticise rightly and from what she is putting on with those blue sun glasses at that particular time i dont think she Looks innocent

    1. Waleya, it is sad that you lack the basic reading skills to interpret a message. Please read my post again and place a valid comment if you must.

      1. Naki, I do not think this excuse of a man called Waleya went to school and thus unable to contextualize issues, your response won’t be valued by him. Ignore him till he gets a brain. If he does.

  3. the kid in the background it’s shaming even taking these kids to hell…. places!!!!!!

  4. That’s why we request the anti-homosexual Bill to be implemented immediately. Look at that yang girl who is at her 8 to 10 years old feeling????? Impure acts are Evil.

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