Nobert Mao Wants UPDF Out Of Juba

DP President Norbert Mao.
DP President Norbert Mao.

Ugandan opposition leader, Nobert Mao has accused the government of lying about the country’s army, UPDF involvement in South Sudan.

Mao who is also the Democratic Party president has demanded that the UPDF withdraws from South Sudan and support the deployment of a neutral force because the army’s presence is not adding value.

His concern comes a day after the negotiating team representing Dr Riek Machar Machar in the Addis Ababa peace talks demanded that Uganda takes a neutral position & withdraws troops from Juba.

The team accused Uganda of medaling in “an internal conflict for good governance” and added that UPDF Presence was an obstacle to the IGAD brokered peace talks.

Similarly, Norbert Mao says Uganda has a sinister motive in sending troops to Juba. He dismisses explanations that Uganda entered Juba to evacuate stranded civilians.

According to Mao, the crisis in South Sudan has different dimensions which include political disagreements, security due to citizens living in fear and a humanitarian dimension.  These include closure of schools, refugees who have run to Uganda, starvation and the halting of vital services.

Mao also expresses worry that some of the South Sudanese who have crossed into Uganda many not be good elements and need to be checked and provided the refugee status.

Yesterday the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi while opening the Biannual Ambassadors conference in Kampala stated that Uganda was best placed to evacuate not only Ugandans but citizens of other nations because they have always had troops there even before the crisis broke out.

3 thoughts on “Nobert Mao Wants UPDF Out Of Juba

  1. Who consulted Mao when the troops were being deployed? Why does he think he is relevant when it comes to withdrawing them?

  2. Sit down somewhere Mao. You’re too weak to be a President. Sudan is Uganda’s neighbour. If there’s chaos in Sudan, it most certainly will spill into Uganda. What you need to be doing is applauding President Museveni for taking initiative to maintain peace along Uganda’s borders; something as we can see, you wouldn’t have the vision, or the balls to do. We live in a world that if you dont understand the inner workings of all the nations in the world, Mr.Mao; the other world leaders won’t give you respect. MAO, YOU’RE NOT BUILT FOR THE POSITION OF PRESIDENT: THERE’S NOTHING PRESIDENTIAL ABOUT YOU. YOU HAVE TO THINK LIKE A LEADER. NOT SOMEONE THAT’S GOING TO RUN TO THE BAZUNGU WHEN THERE’S A PROBLEM. ESPECIALLY A PROBLEM THAT AFRICA CAN TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.Grow a pair. Give respect when respect is due.

  3. By sending Mercenary in the name of UPDF, Museveni has made the situation worst for some Ugandan working in South Sudan, now even Ugandan working with Humanitarian organizations in south Sudan can not continue working simply because the south Sudanese think they (Ugandan) are the one confusing their leaders and fueling conflicts, we know this is yet another trick by Museveni to divide South Sudanese with their Neighbor of northern Ugandan, but only time will tell, IGAD countries will rest from war after Museveni

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