NRM Caucus To Review Party Manifesto

MP David Bahati
MP David Bahati

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Caucus in Parliament is set to review the NRM Party Manifesto as they move to gauge government perfomance over the last three years.

David Bahati, the Deputy Government Chief Whip says the Caucus will utilize its February meeting in Kyankwanzi to review the progress and challenges of the party’s work in all sectors using the manifesto as a benchmark.

The review will guide the ruling party on areas that need fast tracking. It will run under the theme; “The NRM Manifesto 2010-2016, Progress, Challenges and Opportunities,  Bahati adds.

The Programme and focus of the Kyankwanzi meeting was agreed upon in the NRM Caucus meeting held at Entebbe Statehouse last evening.

In the same Caucus, it is expected that Scientists and psychiatrists will present a detailed report on the study of homosexuality in order for the Caucus to make a decision on the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009.

Apparently, President Museveni wants to get convinced that homosexuality is not inborn as a condition to be able to assent to the bill, recently passed by parliament.

He put it clear to a Caucus meeting on Friday afternoon that he supports the bill but may reject it if the study by scientists proves that homosexuality is inborn and therefore not a behavior.

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  1. The NRM Party has no manifesto and if they do it is not not exposed to Ugandans so they cannot Review what they dont have.The Party has been bothering Parliament.Judiciary.Cabinet and the whole country struggling to establish what is useless and valueless to the Nation.Now want to move to Kyankwanzi to share what Museveni has stolen from Government and come back with money to dish to Ugandans looking for votes.

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