Nyombi Justifies Seizure Of Kazinda Property

Kazinda was sentenced to five years in prison for abuse of office
Kazinda was sentenced to five years in prison for abuse of office

Attorney General Peter Nyombi has justified the confiscation of the property of Teopista Nanfuka, the mother of Geoffrey Kazinda, the now jailed former Principal Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister.

The chief government legal advisor maintains in his defense that since Kazinda had committed offenses relating to misappropriation of huge sums of public money, the police acted lawfully in searching her home in UBC zone Bukoto for the said property which may be treated as exhibits.

The rebuttal was contained in the written defense statement in which Kazinda’s mother recently dragged the government to High Court on allegations of forcefully taking away her property.

The Attorney General in his defense says none of the seized property by the police can be released back to Kazinda’s mother as it’s still a subject of investigation by the police on suspicions that it was acquired using public funds.

Among the seized property are; Kazinda’s late father Aloysius Lwokya’s Will, motor vehicles, laptops and several loan documents that Nanfuka claims are so crucial to enable her access money.

Nanfuka in her suit wants court to issue a permanent injunction stopping the government from interfering with her property, opening of her buildings that were sealed off and paying back her money.

Kazinda’s mother in her suit claims that she is making losses as she had entered into a joint venture with another person to construct apartments and complete the existing ones but officers from Kiira Police Station and Kibuli, in pursuit of her son, conducted a warrant-less search at his home in Bukoto, a Kampala suburb, and took away several properties that belonged to her.

With the filing in of this defense, court is yet to set a hearing date.

Kazinda is currently serving a five-year jail sentence after being sentenced in June last year. Justice Wangutusi found Kazinda guilty of 29 counts of fraud and one count of forgery over his role in the mismanagement of more than 50 billion shillings in the office of the Prime Minister. The money was meant for post-war recovery programmes in Northern Uganda.

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