Police Officers Given Martial Arts Skills

Police is receiving martial arts skills to defend themselves.
Police is receiving martial arts skills to defend themselves.

Uganda Police Force (UPF) officers have started receiving martial arts training.

The Director Human Resource Development Police Felix Ndyomugenyi says the development is to help the officers learn to apply reasonable force.

It is also hopped that the training will help the police better cope with modern policing situations officers find themselves in.

Ndyomuggenyi says that before police officers acquired self-defence skills they would take guns to places where it was not necessary. Self defense skills are meant to enable police officers meet any challenge without necessarily resorting to using guns.

He says police officers must know how to respond when attacked or during arrest.

Ndyomugenyi says police wants to do away with the old system of carrying guns even where it is not warranted and be in position to react against any external threat.

Nydomugenyi says martial arts skills will help police disarm even armed suspects. With martial arts skills, a police officer should be able to disarm a suspect with a panga and subdue them for arrest.

Police officers should be in position to escape once surrounded by a mob without getting injured or injuring the less aggressive people in the group.

Ndyomugenyi says police officers are trained to ensure they are better equipped for their job.

Ndyomugenyi explained that gone are the days when members of the public beat up unarmed police officers.

According to him, police wants to ensure that police officers in Uganda are at the same level with police officers say in Russia or any other Western country who handle criminals without resorting to use of guns.

A sizeable number of police officers have been given self defense skills and the target is to reach every police officer.

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