Police Okays Mayiga Visit To Ankole

Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.
Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

Police have okayed the proposed visit of Charles Peter Mayiga, the Buganda Premier to Mbarara despite protests from members of Ankole trust.  

Poly Namaye, the Rwizi region police spokesperson says the organizers of the visit scheduled for February 8th, 2014 wrote to police seeking protection. It came after loyalists of the defunct Ankole Kingdom vowed to block Mayiga’s visit saying Mengo had not consulted them on the visit.

During the visit Mayiga is expected to meet hundreds of Baganda in Ankole and Kigezi region and fundraise for the reconstruction of Kasubi royal tombs. The tombs were gutted by a 2010 fire and are yet to be reconstructed. Namaye says police have already deployed intelligence personnel to monitor the situation as preparation for Mayiga’s visit.

Imam Makumbi, a member of the organizing committee says they were forced to seek police clearance to prevent any eventualities. Makumbi insists that there is no reason as to why they should seek clearance from the defunct Ankole kingdom leadership when it does not exist.

He maintains that Mayiga’s visit to the region will continue as planned adding that, no one will prevent them from dinning with their leader. Joseph Kiiza, the Chairperson of Engabo Za Ankole, a youth wing charged with mobilizing support for the defunct Ankole kingdom says the visit of Mayiga is uncalled for saying they will not allow it.

6 thoughts on “Police Okays Mayiga Visit To Ankole

  1. Buganda welcomes all. Why should it be hard for the Buganda Premier to visit Baganda in Ankole? That is the difference between Baganda and perhaps other tribes in Uganda. We take our role as central and a responsibility to keep Uganda as one unit.

    1. You are right. Many prominent persons from Ankole and other parts of Uganda travel to Buganda daily. The Omukama of Toro has a posh residence in Kampala. I do not think he seeks police permission to travel from Toro to Kampala via Mubende, Mityana, etc.

    2. Finalword cant you get it, you’re dealing with a group of lime light seekers who represent something that doesnt exist in anyway. So watch your careless tongue. Banyankole are good pple

  2. Gentlemen unity will always be enhanced when we have incident free activities at what ever level. How healing has the Kabaka visit to Kayunga been for example!!! This is the only way to go in Uganda today. We should always listen to each other, for example the central government, Buganda Kingdom leaders and the Ankole Culture Trust can discuss this small thing and we move on gracefully all of us. When shall we ever learn to shallow our pride for once and be contructive?Please Immam Makumbi, watch your words, Ankole may not have a King, but they have a culture they charish in, with in a geographical boundary. Give some respect please. I support Mayigas visit to Mbarara but it will be absurd if it done under police protection. We still have some time left to the fundraising day, talk, talk, talk and talk to each other, i wish u well

  3. Let government just recognise the Ankole kingdom. After all it had existed for a long time. When we get a new president in 2016, the kingdom issue will be solved. Just vote wisely this time.

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