Police Blocks Lukwago Meeting Again

Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba
Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba

The Uganda Police have rejected another request from Erias Lukwago, the embattled Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA Lord mayor to hold a consultative meeting on Thursday.

Early this week, Lukwago and Moses Kasibante, the Lubaga North MP wrote notifying police of their intentions to convene a consultative meeting.

It came after police blocked two other previous attempts by Lukwago to convene stakeholders, the first since his controversial impeachment. In a statement issued this afternoon, Judith Nabakooba, the Police spokesperson insists that Lukwago does not have powers to organize a meeting as a lord mayor.

According to Nabakooba in light of the advice from the Attorney General, Lukwago cannot lawfully organize a meeting as Lord Mayor adding that, it is unlawful for Kasibante to organize a meeting with Lukwago as Lord Mayor. As a result of this, Nabakooba says the proposed meeting will not take place.

Lukwago was impeached by a section of councilors following a KCCA tribunal report, which implicated him for alleged incompetence and failure to conduct council business. However, Justice Yasin Nyanzi ruled the council resolution unlawful saying they were made in disregard of a court injunction blocking the sitting.

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

In his ruling, Justice Nyanzi described the KCCA season, in which Lukwago was impeached as a tea party of friends. The attorney general has since appealed the ruling. Despite, the high court ruling, police has repeatedly blocked attempts by Lukwago to resume his duties.

Below is the full statement;

We have received letters from Hon. Moses Kasibante and Mr. Erias Lukwago, concerning a consultative meeting in Rubaga North, tomorrow 9th January, 2014.

The police recognise the right of Members of Parliament to hold consultative or any other meeting in their constituency and we would ordinarily have no objection to such a meeting as Hon. Kasibante has planned.

However, Hon. Kasibante’s letter of notice and the letter of Mr. Erias Lukwago writing as Lord Mayor refer to the same meeting. In fact, in the letter of Mr. Erias Lukwago, states, that he is organizing a meeting in conjunction with Hon. Kasibante.

Noteworthy, in light of the advice of the Attorney General, Mr. Erias Lukwago cannot lawfully organise a meeting as Lord Mayor. It is therefore unlawful for Hon. Kasibante to organise a meeting with Mr. Lukwago Erias as Lord Mayor.

Accordingly, we have no option but to advice that Hon. Kasibante should not go ahead with the planned meeting as it is likely to cause a breach of peace.

We advice, the general to public not to participant in tomorrow’s planned meeting as it is illegal.

Judith Nabakooba

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  1. So what is unlawful here? Police actions or Mayor Lukwago’s intended meeting? If court indicated that the Impeachment was illegal, so why does police argue that Mr. Lukwago is not Lord Mayor?. I thought that these fellows in uniform would be in a better position to implement court orders other than engage in political hogwash

  2. Are courts in Uganda usefull to fish, pigs?According to World health Organisation report 2012 about 275million people are deaf but the degree matters

  3. What I am wondering is ..Can’t people have freedom of speech?….Dear Police for me I think instead of wasting resources on the opposition, allow them have their meetings and all will be peaceful in the long run….know that the more you interfere with them the more people riot.

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