Tracy Bora, Nickita Bachu In Verbal War

The verbal war between the two glamour city gals Tracy Bora and Nickita Bachu has taken social media by storm.

Tracy Bora
Tracy Bora

Nickita Bachu is accusing Tracy Bora of branding her Champagne Birthday party as a Guinness Birthday party.

It is said that after the Saturday party at club Venom, Tracy hit her face book page and posted “Nickita’s birthday party was a Guinness party not a champagne party”.

This angered Nickita who bitterly replied;

“Olu kade luno she doesn’t even know how to diss, mpozi even her brain is grany brain. Busy showcasing her granny tits on fb. Me en u aint the same page.

Party yange yakukola bubi guma… ok switiie??? I got no time for idiots like u. how do u have time for me en stalk my life wen I don’t even know wat the hell is going on with your life.”

Bachu Nickita
Bachu Nickita

In what we thought was a small issue, Bora with flared tempers hit back;

How can I start a war with such rat, am not her class and she came from far and iam a city born.

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