40 Congolese Arrested for Illegal Entry Into Uganda

Over 40 Congolese nationals have been arrested in Mbarara town for illegal entry into Uganda.

40 Congolese nationals at Mbarara central police station after being intecepted for illegal entry into Uganda
40 Congolese nationals at Mbarara central police station after being intecepted for illegal entry into Uganda

The suspects most of whom are women and children were intercepted in a Thursday night operation night aboard different Kampala bound buses.

Poly Namaye the Rwizi region police spokesperson say security personnel acted on a tipoff from informants at the Uganda Congo border that a number of Congolese nationals were entering the country illegally.

Initial records indicate that most of the arrested individuals hail from the villages of Ruchuro and Bunagana in North Kivu the Democratic republic of Congo.

Namaye says police is investigating persons who could be aiding Congolese nationals to enter and settle into Uganda. After the investigations, the Congolese will be tried for illegal entry into Ugandan territory and subsequently deported.  They will be tried together will any Ugandan accomplices, Namaye adds.

But the arrested Congolese told Red Pepper Online at Mbarara central police station that most of them came on invitation of undisclosed Ugandan colleagues.  One of them, Joseph Biziyaka says they only entered the country to seek for better conditions of living.

1 thought on “40 Congolese Arrested for Illegal Entry Into Uganda

  1. What then would we expect them to do? it has been our visionary President together with his Rwandan brothers who are hell bent on destroying these people’s country by killing their husbands sons and brothers, even rapping and obliterating the communities.
    When if you look at Uganda, it is a death trap too for a common man but seeing someone deciding to seek refuge here you can just cry for this part of the Great lakes region!! Now, these Congolese are being arrested and are going to be tried and deported but the Rwandans enter here as if they own this Country, they’re the only people allowed to walk anywhere and even kill whoever they decide to eliminate, when they’re deported from somewhere else they just enter here freely, and the next day you will see them occupying a some people’s lands and no one should dare ask how they got there because that is going to be counted as an ethnic hatred, tribalism and all sorts of that kind; but what crime did the Congolese commit?? all of their resources has been plundered, maybe to develop Uganda, somehow they expect to be able to find something to eat, send their kids to good schools here, to get treatment in good hospitals here, why is the door open for only Rwandans?!!

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