Anti-gay Bill; Minister Says Uganda can Run Without Donor Support

Justine Lumumba, the government chief whip
Justine Lumumba, the government chief whip

The Uganda Government Chief Whip Justine Kasule Lumumba has encouraged government to review its priorities and make readjustments in the Budget in order to deal with the anticipated lapse in donor funding.

This comes after members of the donor community threatened to break ties with Uganda in protest of the enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The Bill now awaiting the presidential assent criminalizes, outlaws and provides harsh jail terms for same sex relationships.

Early this week, US President Barrack Obama said the bill that President Yoweri Museveni has pledged to sign will mark a “step backward” for all Ugandans and reflect poorly on the country’s commitment to protect the human rights of its people. It also would represent a serious setback for anyone committed to freedom, justice and equal rights, Obama said.

US President Barack Obama.
US President Barack Obama.

United States is one of Uganda’s largest foreign aid donors. Uganda funds up to 81 percent of the total resource inflows of 13.16 trillion shillings.

Justine Lumumba says that as a sovereign state, Uganda should be ready to manage her own problems without undue influence from the donors. He says donors willing to support Uganda should do so unconditionally.

12 thoughts on “Anti-gay Bill; Minister Says Uganda can Run Without Donor Support

    1. These ministers just open mouth and talk after pocketing millions is missions and huge salaries, will she be affected by aid cut????? they should first cut their huge salaries before they mention anything

  1. With what we have we can do away with the Obamas, our oil, wildlife, minerals, fish, coffee and the list is long

    1. I don’t think you quite realise how much money comes to Uganda through “donors” ,possibly because a large chunk of it never gets to where it’s supposed to thanks to your corrupt president and government. I wonder where your president is going to find the cash from to buy himself private jets etc though if it’s not from donor money??. Good luck with the fish,minerals,wildlife etc though!! Wake up and smell the coffee!

  2. Samuel its like you don’t know in whose coffers the oil, wildlife, and all you have listed money go to so we need USA but we don’t need and can’t stomach gay-ism so what the minister who also doubles as my woman mp is out of naivety because the best thing is bringing them to a drawing table to maneuver out a mutual understanding.
    Not forgetting which ministry will accept a budget cut actually Lumumba herself can not stomach that may be state house will bow out this which i 100% believe is impossible as those goons are instead creating loopholes so to ask for more fundings to cover up them so as i conclude we need USA and especially their money as our REVENUE routes are known!!!
    okay why do you think sensitive and money bodies are headed by women;;ministry of finance, URA, KCCA, and formerly UIA its because they are easy puppets to control and monitor!!!!

  3. i think this time to look after our self because these string attaches will kill Uganda if the obama he say we should legalize the gay bill i think he is opposing God’s plan
    when u read the bible on Noah ark he told him to put pair of every thing on other so that no thing goes un paired meaning a woman will be for a man and goat will be for a goat
    why did he marry a woman not a man answer i think he wanted children thanks

  4. Is it so? I personally i have been made dependent on donor countries and it is the poor policies that you made since 1986, donor cut will never affect Ministers like you but when we talk about the common man of course the story is different. If donor countries were not that vital why have we been made to believe that they are and continued to accept their help? Just make one thing clear to all Ugandans that from March 2014 there will be Zero donation to our Country and see how things go on, total nonsense and get a proper diplomatic language to convey the message why we have accepted to put this bill into law. @sisquo you are right, thats why she can never care

  5. No cry about AID funds which are usually stolen. In fact when they stop their aid, we shall develop faster and the devils will be ashamed !,

  6. Lets first cut the salaries of minister and MPs then we can know that we can live without donations.

  7. What we need to be done first now in Uganda is a law against M7 and his corrupt cabinet, poor service delivery, his over stay in power with out visible development. gay people have been in Uganda since its existence so no big deal on that and it has not affected anyone in either way. but corruption has killed many eg when you die from mulago because of no drugs its sad

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