City Dude Mulindwa Sighted In The UK

Like they say that you can run but you cannot escape the prying eyes of our UK based snoops.


Word reaching us has it that renowned city party animal Mulindwa Lawrence has been smoked out in the UK looking even more girly than before rocking his trademark over oiled hairstyle.

Sources reveal that Mulindwa must have flown to the UK following rumours that he is engaged into a gay affair with another dude from the UK who must have helped him to exile himself away.

The his lip-gloss, rolling eyes and wacky hairstyles loving Mulindwa used to live rollercoaster lifestyle with a group of guys who looked like they wished to be babes.

Our snoops reveal that Mulindwa developed misunderstanding with his family after rumours reached them that he was involved in homo affair allegations and they kept trailing him unawares.

Because of the shame and humiliation the family members disowned him and he disappeared from the stigma, scorn and mockery he was subjected to by family members.

An insider revealed that the family agreed to banish him from their home without any money or property to survive on. Indications show that after learning that his family had decided to make life difficult for him, he fled to an unknown destination fearing that he might be trapped in the anti gay bill. He has followed the likes of his once tight buddy former NTV self confessed gay reporter Craig Kadoda.

Craig confessed being gay on a Kenyan TV and a few months later he disappeared to the UK to settle with his London based male lover Ibrah Mukwaya.

Craig was the dreadlocked girlie look-alike NTV reporter before relocating to UK

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  1. Passed or not the fact is Obama got it wrong…..let him get down to his own state and leave Uganda (Africa) alone.

  2. this guy Obama has nothing positive for Africans other than promoting homosexual and causing chaos in Africa. when is he leaving? tired ov him..

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