Buikwe Stadium Ban Could Be Lifted

Fred Kitaka is understood to be behind a bloody clash between Vipers and SC Villa fans.
Fred Kitaka is understood to be behind a bloody clash between Vipers and SC Villa fans.

Buikwe residents may soon resume watching FUFA Super League action in their neighborhood if the   FUFA Super League Board and its Licensing Board find satisfactory the security and the players and match officials’ dressing rooms renovations.

The FSL bosses will inspect the Buikwe stadium that is still under ban following crowd violence in the first round of the FSL match between Vipers and Sports Club Villa.

The FUFA Vice President Mujib Kasule has confirmed that the federation has received official communication from Vipers Sports club signed by Secretary Haruna Kyobe informing the FUFA Competitions Committee that the stadium is now ready to host league games again.

‘Our team will visit Buikwe tomorrow at midday to inspect the stadium. A report should be ready by close of business on Monday next week’ said Kasule.

By the end of the battle after the abandoned game between Vipers and Villa, where machetes, stones and sticks were the weapons in use, many people were bleeding profusely and car windscreens shattered. The situation was only saved by Police that fi red tear gas and bullets.

The game’s fourth official Ronald Kirangwa was stoned by a fan. Kitaka was taken to Police by Villa fans. A case of assault SB 88/05/11/2013 has been opened against him. He is also accused of damaging property.

Serious security concerns have been raised over the safety of not only match officials, but also players and spectators at football matches.

There have been several cases of such battles. There was Police at Buikwe stadium but at the start of the second half, the match officials, led by referee William Senkumba insisted that the security was lacking. Referees could in future call for more Police deployment at matches.

The current FSL table leaders Vipers have been using St Mary’s Kitende as their home ground following the ban.

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