Comedians Emmah, Salvador In New Bitter Row

Rival comedian prince Emmah and Patrick Salvador Indrigi seemed to have buried their biff but we can reliably reveal that the biff is back in full swing.


It has emerged that of February 5 there were comedy shows both at Laftaz and Labonita at the same time.  Reports indicate that Prince Emmah was short of comedians as Bright, Sebakyigye and Kelekele were all performing at Labonita.

This reportedly infuriated Emmah who sent warning messages to the three. Bright Onak who is said to be habouring plans of joining Salvador attended a new comedy at Wikiki Bar organised by upcoming comedians.

Apparently Bright showed Emmah’s threatening messages to everyone who wanted it on WhatsApp

Emma has since hit back with more abusive messages saying; “man, whatever you did wasn’t cool. You don’t come for a show and you don’t inform me?! Bright, I mentored you when people had started booing you from stage. Just a little courtesy would do. You should always inform me if yo’ not gonna perform so that I can plan.

Salvador has since joined the war by posting on his Facebook timeline that  “Ur already an established comedian, yet you threaten the existence of an upcoming comedians WTF is that??? Abantu tuswale ko”

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