Court: Shumuk Repossession Order Issued In Error

Mukesh's administrators pondering on next move after being evicted from the building
Mukesh’s administrators pondering on next move after being evicted from the building

Kampala High Court has ruled that an order that led to the repossession of Shumuk House to ex-proprietor Bonny Katatumba was issued in error.

On Monday, the representative of Pakistan in Uganda, Bonny Katatumba evicted Shumuk Company properties from his Blacklines House in Kampala following a court order that has now ruled was issued in error.

Court last week issued an eviction and attachment order allowing Katatumba vacant possession of his properties Katatumna Suites on Plot 2, Colville Street and Hotel Diplomat Plot 970&971 Muyenga Tank Hill that were fraudulently taken by his former business associate Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk.

Katatumba and Mukesh have been bickering over the prime city property, each claiming to be the rightful owner.

Katatumba had accused Mukesh of fraudulently acquiring the building.

However, with Monday’s action, the six-year row between Bonney Katatumba, and Mukesh Shukla seemed to have finally come to an end.

Katatumba, has, assured the tenants of better services as the new management takes over the building. He further stressed that the building will now house offices of the Pakistan embassy in Uganda.

7 thoughts on “Court: Shumuk Repossession Order Issued In Error

  1. …so should we presume some body traded a bigger package! Courts you are our last line of defense now you ought to prove your selves worthy of our trust.

  2. I knew it, there was no way a peasant could defeat an Indian even in court. Indians run this country, its economy and its poor black people.

    1. KK, please get serious. Katatumba borrowed money and failed to pay, what should mukesh do? you know better

  3. The amusing thing is that, this kind of thing can never be tolerated back in India. Tells a lot about Africans in their home countries, doesn’t it?

  4. Whichever Registrar or who Judge that brought this embarrassment and confusion to court should be sent packing to hell. Just imagine the inconvinience and the cost.

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