Esther’s Marriage With German Pensioner On Rocks

The marriage of former Jose Chameleone queen dancer Esther Akankwasa and her German husband Nico Damminger is on the verge of collapse.


Our snoops can reliably reveal that Esther and Nico separated a few weeks ago, with the German accusing Esther of infidelity.

“People warned me against her that she was in the same group as Bad Black, but I never listened. She sleeps around with very many men,” heartbroken Nico is quoted.

Nico further says: “I tried all a man can do to make her ok and give her a life, but in vain. Sad but true… and her usual typical game to reverse the blame is not changing on the facts.I found out a lot of things about her which are very shocking.”

Nico further says that for their short marriage or rather period he has known her, he has invested a lot of dime in her to make her happy.

She has been earning shs2.5 million from him every month. This is on top of buying her a Toyota Rav 4 car. What hurts Nico so much is that whenever he would send her the monthly allowance, she would spend it with her new man.

The glamour girl and her longtime lover tied the knot in May 2013 in a ceremony attended by a few close friends and relatives at Kansanga Miracle Centre.

3 thoughts on “Esther’s Marriage With German Pensioner On Rocks

  1. i would kill to have such a rich man who truly cares for me. Esther you are doomed.

    1. Gwe mukyala Omubalagavu, all that shines is not gold. Akankwasa osanga abadde atudde ku maggwa, anti owoza such a rich man, how do you know he is not a bisiyaga type, anti abazungu!!

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