Golola Takes Training Abroad

Golola1Golola Moses is the self-proclaimed Champion Kick Boxer of Uganda. With a string of wins in the ring, it is mostly his ability to talk at high speeds, volume and outlandishness which had made him a web sensation. Can he fear anyone? Yes, the man from Kawempe has dashed to Tanzania to intensify his drills ahead of non title five-rounds fight with Ronald Mugula on March 7 at Freedom City, Namasuba.


Golola, Mr Ntinda 2001 and Africa’s Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion has been undergoing intensive boxing lessons with former Bombers captain Zebra Senyange at KBC and Zebra gym, Bwaise will be heading to Tanzania Wednesday night according to a source inside his camp.

“We are heading to Tanzania to work on the kicks. My fans know me as the strongest man and they spread the gospel that by the time I come back from Tanzania I will be even harder,” Golola is quoted as saying.

Golola has been training in secrecy and his journey to Tanzania is highly confidential.

When Red Pepper Online Sport contacted Golola, he asked us to assure the public that “he’s pregnant with skills” and come March 7, Mugula will “produce twins”.

“Me, I train. It’s all about training. You Red Pepper (sic) think I drink too much porridge but am very fit and whichever country I go to, am coming back full swing,” he roared.

His opponent Mugula  a fortnight ago trekked Mbale hills as part of his training schedule.

Additional reporting by Martin Kaddu

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