Nandala Mafabi: LoP A Challenging Job

Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the outgoing Leader of Opposition-LOP in parliament has described the office as challenging that requires dedication, courage and full alertness.  

He said this on Tuesday while handing over office to his successor Wafula Ogutu, the Bukhooli Central MP.

The Budadiri West MP quoted Tony Blair, the former United Kingdom Prime Minister who once said he sympathized with David Wright Milbrand the former LOP for three years saying he knew how hard the job is. Nandala said as LOP there is pressure to act in a dignified manner yet their opponents can act without honor, provocatively and almost in a mob justice style.

Nandala explained that during his tenure he had sometimes to make hard and critical decisions; to which he takes responsibility. He pledged to continue fighting against vices of injustice, dictatorship and advocate for equality for all.

Apart from being the Parliament Leader of Opposition Nandala was also a chair of both the Public Accounts Committee in the 9th Parliament and the National Economy Committee in the 8th Parliament. Before he came to Parliament Nandala was working with the World Bank until 2001 when he joined Parliament.

In his speech the new leader of opposition Wafula acknowledged that his new position comes with various responsibilities, demands and challenges which he is ready to shoulder with humility and dedication.
He hoped to continue building on the non-antagonist relationship that his predecessors Nandala and Latigo nurtured with the government.

Wafula said Nandala was not moved because of any short coming but said the Forum for Democratic change does not want its leader to over stay in office.

The Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi described Nandala as a good and pledged the NRM’s total commitment to cooperate with the new leader of opposition. He is also optimistic that Wafula will raise the level of performance for the opposition in the interests of Uganda and its people.

Winnie Kiiza, the outgoing Former opposition chief whip also welcomed the incoming whip Cecilia Ogwal, the Dokolo Woman MP. She pleaded with Parliament to speed up the process of allocating especially members of the opposition offices since they were only allocated 43 offices to operate in.

Ogwal also stated that she is happy that her position is official considering it was not the case years back right from the 6th, 7th Parliament, National Resistance Council, and Constituency Assembly which only had a government side. Ogwal recalled that back then the Prime Minister i was not friendly adding that, he was a true political activist.

She said Mbabazi was not willing to listen but today he is tolerant with the opposition regardless of the political positions.

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  1. As the son from the mountain of the sun hands over to the son of the land of jiggers, FDC moves from a recovery room in the hospital theater to its death bed, while NRM is modeling a very nice coffin for its death in less than two and a half years and the rest of the country gets ready for its burial and eventual funeral rights. Bye bye

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