Obama Wants UPDF Out Of S. Sudan

US President Barack Obama.
US President Barack Obama.

The US government has called for the withdrawal of foreign forces that have interfered in the internal conflict between rival factions in South Sudan and urged to desist from violating the recently signed cessation of hostilities agreement in Addis Ababa.

In a strongly worded press release issued by State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki, on Friday, the US government also warned of “any regionalization of the conflict” that may result from such foreign interference.

“We urge the redeployment or phased withdrawal of foreign forces invited by either side, and warn of the serious consequences which could result from any regionalization of this conflict,” Psaki said.

She also called for an inclusive reconciliation process in the IGAD-sponsored political dialogue in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

The American call for the withdrawal of Ugandan troops comes as Juba and Kampala are finalising a military cooperation agreement between the countries. Uganda says the participation of its troops helped to maintain South Sudan’s stability.

Igad countries also showed frustration saying the Ugandan involvement in the conflict weakens their efforts to end the Conflict. But Juba responded by saying it has the right to demand such support.

The rebel SPLM-In-Opposition warned in a statement issued in Addis Ababa on 8 February that the non withdrawal of Ugandan troops would eventually lead to the failure of the upcoming round of talks scheduled for 10 February.

Further, Machar’s spokesperson James Gatdet Dak in a message extended to Sudan Tribune welcomed the statement coming out from the US government, saying “this was another urgent reminder to put pressure on president Salva Kiir to withdraw such foreign forces from South Sudan and honour the ceasefire agreement”.

Psaki welcomed the arrival in Juba of the first component of the monitoring team, and “strongly “urge the government of South Sudan to facilitate (the team’s) important work”, which will provide both sides with a mechanism to report any breaches of the agreement.”

The spokesperson further said “deeply concerned by reports of violations” by both sides of the Cessation of Hostilities agreement that was signed in Addis Ababa on January 23.

Adapted From The Sudan Tribune

9 thoughts on “Obama Wants UPDF Out Of S. Sudan

  1. interfered with internal conflicts? USA??, one day the lord will reward you. you have forgotten so easily what happened to you during world war one. They have created enemies all around you. Thank you God you have natural calamities to deal with all the time. These calamities shows that however powerful you assume you are, there is always a limit. Hurricanes, haevy storms, heavy snow will keep hurting you. Imagine americans ordering ugandas to leave S.sudan. A country 1000 miles away ordering a neigbour to withdraw. Its a shame. shame on you America

    1. can b near or faraway no one has d right to interfere in internal business of other countries is simple as that Museveni should stop that tendency too is army is specialising in looting and theft

  2. In Americas warning Uganda,there is apoint,a country whose GDP per capita is as low as that of Mauritius,to engage in attaching its neighbours is a falacy.Who is funding the war,these are tax payers money,even the Americans give us AID,you find its channeled to fund the operations in juba.What about cessation of hostilities that was signed,why UPDF only defending one side? I can go on and on.

  3. Uganda unlike the US feels more effect of the South Sudan war,Sudanese refugees are in Uganda not in the US

    When will the US wish Africa to have peace. It looks like the US has a hand in the South Sudan war. The issue looks to be getting more clearer that the US would have loved the war to continue not to have an end.

    Shame on you war mongers. The rest of us are happy of with the intervention of UPDF in the war.More lives have been saved and the civil war seems to be heading to an end and now the US wants Uganda to pull out so that Riek Marchar men come back to kill more innocent people.

    I am fade up of super powers that support only wars. Iraq, Libya,Egypt and Syria are no more enjoying the life that they thought would come after the killing of their beloved leaders. The situation is more worse than before.

    Uganda intervened timely.The South Sudan economy is beginning to recover I am Sure. Please Mr. President(Obama) I wish you could order Mr. Riek to come out of hiding to have direct negotiations with Salva Kiir instead regrouping the forces.

  4. it is time for Africans to solve their own issues. we can not wait for our brothers to be man slaughtered like pigs. a good neighbor will always run in for help. and we shall always keep helping our brothers and sisters. long leave Uganda.

  5. That war was useless in the first place. Riek Machar was fighting an elected president. Let him wait for elections and the South Sudanese will decide.

  6. pliz Obama first withdraw from Afaganstan and other countries then u order UPDF to withdraw from S.Sudan, DO U KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAVED SINCE UPDF ENTERED S.SUDAN? unless u re behind that mr Obama u wouldnt have said like that!

  7. now obama what were u and yo troop doing in iraq, u forget so easily, OBAMA, i sound a warning leave uganda alone and africa to handle their problems who are u anyay fool just manage yogays and yo marriage,,ooh plz what is this???

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