Odonga Otto Rejects Post As Oguttu Names Shadow Cabinet

Leader of Opposition in parliament Wafula Oguttu.
Leader of Opposition in parliament Wafula Oguttu.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Wafula Oguttu has announced a new Shadow Cabinet as he plans to stimulate a vibrant opposition in Parliament.

In the appointments announced at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi this afternoon saw CP President John Ken Lukyamuzi named Shadow minister for Tourism, wildlife and antiqities, Mathias Mpuuga as Shadow minister for Rehabilitation, relief and Disaster management, while Hussein Kyanjo moves to the Presidency from the Internal Affairs docket which has been entrusted to Aruu County MP Odonga Otto.

Soroti Woman MP Angelline Osegge takes over the newly created post of Shadow Minister for Kampala.

Abdul Katuntu and Medard Lubega Sseggona retained their posts as Shadow Attorney General and Shadow minister for Justice and anti-corruption respectively, while Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze is named shadow minister for Local Government.

In other appointments, Kampala Woman MP Nabbilah Naggayi Ssempala is appointed the Shadow minister for Information replacing Ibrahim Semujju Nganda who was earlier named Chairperson of the committee on Commissions, State Authorities and Statutory enterprises-COSASE

Francis Epetait is also named the Shadow minister for Agriculture, while Geoffrey Ekanya retains his post as the Shadow minister for Finance.

Mbale Municipality MP Jack Wamai Wamanga remains the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, DPs Michael Lulume Bayiga steers the Health Docket while UPCs Rev. Fr Jacinto Ogwal is named shadow minister for Education. Jack Sabiiti is named the Shadow minister for Public service. He has hithero been the shadow minister for Local Government.

In other appointments, Gulu Woman MP Betty Aol Ochan is named Shadow minister for Gender while Busongora North MP William Nzoghu will be the new Works and Infrastructure minister.

Patrick Amuriat is the Shadow minister for Lands and infrastructure, Benard Atiku takes over the Youth shadow ministry,  Gilbert Olanya leads the Housing and urban planning  portfolio while Beatrice Atim Anywar maintains her stay in the Water and Environment shadow ministry.

Also appointed is Ibi Florence Ekwau as the new Energy Oil and minerals resources, Andrew Allen as the shadow minister for Communications, ICT, Science and Technology and Femiar Wadada as the shadow minister for Karamoja affairs.

Others are Kevina Taaka as shadow minister for Trade Industry and Cooperatives, , Ochola Stephen as shadow minister for Special regions, Benson Obua Ogwal as minister in charge of the East African Community Affairs, and Hassan Fungaroo Kaps as Shadow Minister for Defence.

However, Odonga Otto has rejected his appointment as the new Shadow minister for Internal Affairs claiming his ambition was to head the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

Otto claims the latest appointments are a reflection that the FDC President Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu is not steering the party in the right direction. He also condemns the leadership for staging lukewarm leaders in strategic leadership positions.

4 thoughts on “Odonga Otto Rejects Post As Oguttu Names Shadow Cabinet

  1. while I was a little boy one of our elder cousins used to take us to the sun in the morning and armed us with sticks, he could go a head and show us our shadows, being seeing the shadow with a stick, this guy could really tell us that some one armed with a stick is on the ground and wants to finish each of us. Now a million dollar question, what are these shadow ministers, I rather be a common MP in the ruling government than be a shadow. Hon. Jack Sabiiti and others from the revolution to being shadow ministers it is really a pity, come back home prodigal sons

    1. Shadow Ministers are Ministers in waiting, in organised and transparent democaracies these are important Officers! These should check Government activities and raise public awareness on Government shortcomings especially in servce delivery,(health,infrastracture etc) so please do not underrate them!

  2. So, where is Nandala in all these appointments??? AHHH, With all his competencies the only crime he’s committed is being strict on reports and accountability. Of what use is FDC then???

    1. The problem is not FDC or NRM. The problem is small mindedness exhibited when people like you think someone being dropped is a sign that he is being punished.

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