Presidential Committee Censures Fred Mwesigye

Fred Mwesigye
Fred Mwesigye

MPs on the presidential affairs committee have cast a vote of no confidence in their chairperson Fred Mwesigye, the Nyabushozi county legislator. Mwesigye replaced Barnabas Tinkasimire, the former Buyaga County as committee chair last year after he was expelled from the ruling National Resistance Movement for alleged indiscipline.

However, the committee members accuse Mwesigye of incompetence and alleged failure to conduct business as laid out in their work plan. It all started after Mwesigye failed to show up in a meeting the committee had scheduled with Deborah Katuramu, the secretary in the office of the president forcing Peter Ogwanga, the vice committee chairperson to take lead.

Harriet Ntabazi, the Bundibugyo District woman MP couldn’t hide her disappointment. She said it was odd for a soldier to be incompetent and wished that she had stayed on her previous committee, which she says was vibrant. She said that the committee was better off with Tinkasimire who she described as active and ensured good flow of work.

Ntabazi revealed that Mwesigye signs the attendance book and signs for allowances yet he has not chaired any committee meeting for three months. Jessica Ababiku, the Adjumani woman district woman MP also accused Mwesigye of discrimination in the manner he selects people who go for trips abroad.

Ababiku claimed that Mwesigye favors some members on the committee, which she said was unfair. Ogwang’s attempt to defend his boss fell flat as the members shifted their anger on him. He claimed that the committee was moving as per the work plan saying that they had decided to assess sector performance.

On the issue of trips abroad, Ogwang asked the clerk to prepare the list of the members who have travelled saying that many factors which include money have to be put into consideration. The members suggested an internal committee meeting where these issues can be openly discussed and resolved.

The committee accepted the advice of UPDF representative Julius OKetta and agreed to suspend the meeting but insisted they have to meet with the chairperson later today.

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  1. What are these people always doing abroad? Should this item not be regulated so that more money is available to the people?

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