Sewungu Calls For UPE Policy Review

MP Ssewungu Speaking to Journalists at Parliament recently.
MP Ssewungu Speaking to Journalists at Parliament recently.

Kalungu West Member of Parliament Joseph Sewungu calls for a review of the policy on Universal Primary Education in order to address the factors leading to poor performance in schools.

Sewungu notes that the poor performance recorded in the recently released Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results is a clear indicator for the need to review Universal Primary Education (UPE) system.

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) should ideally separate results of pupils under UPE from those in private schools as the only feasible way of evaluating UPE schools, Sewungu states. He adds that government should own UPE results by declaring them as opposed to hiding them within private school results.

He adds that he was suspicious that the poor performance in PLE was highest among UPE candidates. He says this possibly is the reason why the results are not declared separately.

Sewungu further attributes the poor performance in UPE schools to poor facilitation of teachers and education centers. He cites the late release of capitation grants and poor remuneration of teachers among others.

He adds that the failure by government to improve teacher’s remuneration is a stumbling block to the development of the education sector.

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