South Sudan Rustlers Steal Over 100 Cows

Over 100 head of cattle were stolen in renewed cattle raids in Pupany village, Kal Parish in Madi Opei Sub County in Lamwo district yesterday. 


This is the second time the village is coming under attack from armed raiders reportedly from south Sudan.

Affected villages include Puyamo, Pupany and Kal central. Earlier in January, the raiders stole 11 head of cattle that were never recovered from Okol village in Kirombe parish.

The head of the community kraal shared by 10 livestock farmers, Aldo Okeny told security that two suspected armed raiders were sighted by residents on Wednesday evening.  Fearing to have been noticed, the armed raiders retreated but returned in the night to snatch their loot.

Community members who were deployed to guard the Kraal using homemade weapons that included bows and arrows, machetes and spears woke up at about 2am only to find an empty Kraal.

Okongo Walter, a member of the Kraal said that the livestock were divided into two. Angry residents trailing the raiders discovered the first group of 45 livestock abandoned at a crop field in the village. The Second group of 56 livestock was rescued by a combined force of the Anti Stock Theft Unit and the Army.

Okongo says the raiders come as visitors in the area to conduct surveillance of livestock kraal and plan their raids before suddenly disappearing with their livestock.

Charles Obong Okwera, the Madi Opei Sub County Security Chairperson says this is the third raid since the beginning of the year. He says the raiders believed to be from Lopuc, Ateda and Kokiir in South Sudan take advantage of the lack of mandate for Anti Stock Theft Unit and the UPDF to trail them across the porous South Sudan border to cause havoc.

Earlier the raiders stole cattle in Okol village forcing sub county authorities to establish an army detach in the area. But Obong says the presence of both ASTU and the Army is still thin on the ground that needs boosting to effectively eliminate cattle raids in the sub county.

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